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teddyzaper 10-30-2009 06:20 PM

fun fun fun stocking!!!
ok so i wanna stock my new tank with a DIY filter.
my thoughts:
peacock eel
german blue ram
big catfish
Ok so the tank is a 29gal i think long. i currently have a male convict cichlid and a pleco in there. i plan on keeping the pleco but the convict is just temporary (from another tank that was recently restocked due to loss of female convict)
i wanna get the pecock eel and the rams together but i want a mating pair of rams and the peacock eel will eat the babies, so when i was reading some info on rams i heard that they are great tankmates with angels or discus.
could someone give me some info on discus? i know they are hard to keep but i think it would be really cool to have some discus because they are so pretty. what water params do they need? what do they eat? lighting perams? also do they go good with plants because it is gonna be a planted tank. will they live with the nutrience some plants need?
ok so angelfish are pretty cool but does anyone own or know info on them living with rams? i know they both like plants and can live with some chenge in water perams.
i know NOTHING about pencilfish and catfish. i want to get a catfish because i like the idea of having 1 fish in a tank, it seems more personal to me, like i get to know it better and i can say " oh there is my catfish" not "oh thats my tank" also any other fish like that, that are odballs that can be a solo in a tank, preferably carnivores, i like them better. what do pencilfish eat, how big do they get. thats all my questions.
my tank has 2 big caves so keep that in mind when giving me feedback, also it has sand and a lot of rocks.

Jack Middleton 10-30-2009 06:39 PM

The tank isn't big enough for discus, with it being long it isnt tall enough for a proven pair of discus, and it isn't really big enough anyway.

The blue rams demand a temperature of 28-32oC a PH of 5-6.6ish and a GH of under 5 degrees which means peacock eels will be unsuitable, what species of pleco do you have?

When you say big catfish which species are you referring to? As it may not be suitable, for the water parameters the rams require.

Angels and rams are fine together, but i personally think the tank isn't big enough for a pair of each, so i would stick to either one or the other. Even with a pair of proven angels you risk them getting aggressive if they mate.

On the flip side you could ditch the rams and go for the peacock eel, but i guess that is personal preference.

Also, how does this filter work? If you are going to be keeping plants, I suggest you plant it up and add 25% of your initial stock, the plant will take care of the ammonia, but do keep an eye on it. this method only really works with fast growers, but with decent light, ferts and CO2 it can be achieved with slow growers, it all depends on your lighting fixture

teddyzaper 10-30-2009 07:43 PM

my pleco is a spotted sailfin pleco.

i was looking around a bit and i decided i either want to breed some type of fish or have a single big fish.

idk what kind of catfish i was referring to i just would like the thought of having one big catfish in a tank.

my filter pulls the water up and out then goes down through a bucket with a filter pad on top and a lot of bio balls, it then goes through a good amount of filter pads then through a sponge filter then back into the tank.

if i did do rams and angels could i put a divider in the tank and have both of them breed then take out the babies eventually and take out the divider? also would it be good to just breed one species. which one sells better?

i know a good amount about planted tanks and i would go low tech with it. i got a great light fixture and bulb so that isn't a worry.

Jack Middleton 10-30-2009 07:56 PM

It isn't big enough for both the angels and rams, your going to have to make a decision, and with it being a long it wont be tall enough for angels.

Rams sell quite well, but it isnt a case of put two fish in a tank and they have babies. Rams are hopeless first time parents as are most cichlids (new worlds) but the get better with time.

Nice soft acidic water, with smooth rocks a sandy substrate and a temperature of 30oC are optimum conditions for breeding rams in my opinion, raising the fry is the hardest part!

And the sailfin will out grow the tank

Byron 10-31-2009 11:35 AM

I concur with everything Jack has mentioned. Your fish selection simply is not a compatible one from several aspects. Re-think what you really want.


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