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baxtorlex 10-30-2009 05:46 PM

Convict Cichlids advice part 2
hi everyone, second post regarding my new convicts (different comments)

i brought a pair of breeding convicts..... the shop i buy them off takes on unwanted fish, and he assured me there a breeding pair... there lovely, stick together male considerably larger then the female, though im pretty certain there not that old as the male as no hump at the minute (correct me if im wrong)

well, they started to dig a pit, and pick a area (a cave) but im unsure of what happens when, is there a way of telling when there about ready to spawn??

also is there anyway to round about there age at all??
many thanks

teddyzaper 10-30-2009 06:38 PM

well i owned a mating pair and they had babies and all i can tell you is the babies are hard to get rid of. if your certain they will take it at that pet store then its fine but i had to get a jack dempsey and have it eat them all. you cant really tell the age but id say if its close to 3-6in its full grown. you dont really need to know the age but i understand why u wanna. if it has the lump on its head it is really old. i raised my convicts from babies but from my lack of knowlege they fought till there were only 2 left. if they are creating a hole just let them be and dont move the decorations around! best way to tell if they are pregnant is if the female (the smaller one with shorter fins) is all around fatter. she will get wider and her belly will dip down a bit more. when they have the eggs dont touch anything but you can clean the filter so if you see her prego then clean the tank quickly and let her be until they hatch. after they hatch just watch out when your vacuming the tank, i put my hand over the vac so they wouldnt get sucked in. when they hatch, after a few days one of them will be dominant and very protective of thier young, the other will be afraid, take the other out into a temporary container, i used a fish bowl next to a window. unfortunatly i learned the hard way and the father killed her. once the babies are an inch to an inch and a half its safe to put the mom in (about 5 months for me) usualy one parent will be a great parent so make sure u leave that one in. in some cases they will both be very good to each other and great parents, even better. its pretty unlikly the babies will survive the first time but dont worry i had 3 batches within 2 months. any other questions just pm me or ask here and ill check by. oh when they are ready to spawn they will be very protective of there cave and not let anyone near. they will also stay close together usualy the dad guards the mom.

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