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johnnyjiron 10-30-2009 02:48 PM

clown loaches
Two of my clown loaches which are about 3 inches long have been acting kind of strange for a week now. This all started when i added some new plants.

Well the strange behavior stared by them eating the new plants i added.
Also they have been extremely hyper ever since. Now for 3 days both of them are always playing around the whole tank kind of violently. One of them turn extremely dark, not the whole body but his/her black stripes .While the other one colors got very light. The light color one seems to win most of the battles. Well it looks more like playing then fighting but whatever they are doing the light color one seems to win a lot.! They look at each other and shake their bodies very fast. Like if is some type of vibrating competition:lol:.

I know this might sound dumb but i would like to keep adding more plants without them eating them. What is causing this behavior ?

Twistersmom 10-30-2009 07:53 PM

I believe the fighting, is the result of only having two clown loaches.

I started out with 5 clown loaches and lost three. With my turn of bad luck, my plan was to keep the two clowns and not buy anymore. Well, one morning I woke up to find my clowns in a knock out, drag out fight. I broke down and bought a third, but from a different store with more healthy stock. That fixed the problem.

It is recommended to keep them in groups of 5. They are very social fish, that establish pecking orders within their group. Keeping only two, can cause one to dominate over the other, making one miserable.

As for eating the plants, I don't know that adding more will help. Mine are not in a planted tank. (too many other plant eaters) Possible a larger group will keep them from being destructive out of boredom, but maybe you will just end up with more plant eaters. I am sure someone will chime in, on keeping clowns in a planted tank.

johnnyjiron 10-30-2009 08:10 PM

well i have three of them..they have been in there for 4 months..this only happens with these two that i mention.. thank you

aunt kymmie 10-30-2009 09:45 PM

I agree with Twisters mom on all counts. I have five clowns in a planted tank. While they don't actually eat the plants, they are so darn rambunctious I see them *punching* holes in alot of my plants. This hole punching mainly affects the larger leaved swords and not the stem plants, which lead me to plant more stems plants and anubias. Anubias can stand up to their rough "play". HTH

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