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IndianMaidn 10-29-2009 03:48 PM

HELP ! Calcium thru the roof
I recieved my new calcium test kit today and did the test. I had to add so many drops to the vial to make the water turn blue (not sure if it really ever did, I stopped at 45 drops) that there were no measurements for it. It was an API test kit. I then did another test with a seatest kit that came with the aquarium and had the very same results, to this test I stopped at 75 drops. What the heck is going on ? It is a 75 gallon, 1 inch of live sand, approx 80 lb. of live rock between sump and aquarium. Temp is 78-80, PH is low at 7.8, Amm. 0 Nitrate 5.0 Nitrite 0.25 the KH is at 143 and the phos. is 0.5. I have carbon and phosban in the sump. Is there any other test kits that I should purchase ? In the aquarium at the moment are 1 clownfish, 1 yellow tail damsel, 2 peppermint shrimp, 1 orange serpant starfish, 6 dwarf blue leg hermits and about 12 snails. Forgot to add. . . .I use distilled water for water changes. Fish are fed once a day with a frozen food (brine, mysis or plankton).

Pasfur 10-29-2009 06:53 PM

What was the calcium level? It sounds like you are doing the test incorrectly, because calcium will precipitate out of solution if it rises to high.

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