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Distinctly Minty 10-27-2009 09:48 AM

Which Fish For My First Tank???
Hi Guys,

I've just started to add fish to my new 30 (US) Gallon tank (a Rekord 800). The water is at 25 degrees C, slightly alkaline pH, with pea gravel sitting on a base of Eco Complete Substrate. I've spent about 8 weeks getting it properly cycled and getting the live plants to stay live.

I've now got 10 Cardinal Tetra's (then waited a couple more weeks) and 3 Zebra Loaches. All seem happy so I'm planning the rest of the fish I'd like to add, but I'm not too sure about which fish and how many.

Currently I'm thinking over time:
2 more Zebra Loaches as company for the other 3 (hopefully there's enough hiding spots in all the rocks, wood, and plants) - didn't know they prefer sand when I started.
5 Sunset Platy's - Is this enough?

I'm wondering about the possibility of also adding 1 Pitbull Pleco (maybe more??) and 1 Black Mollie (currently unlikely due to numbers and apparently likes brakish water??)

Is this a healthy and peaceful combination of fish for the tank?

wumpus 10-29-2009 09:55 PM

This seems like plenty of fish and they should all get along just fine. If you're worried about overstocking, you may want to only add 2 more zebra loaches, 4 more platys or just 8 more inches of any other community fish.

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