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JonandJo 12-02-2013 10:34 AM

Q3: Attaching plants
How do you attach plants to rocks and wood?

Can it only be done with certain plants?

Plants I have in mind are

willow 12-02-2013 10:40 AM

fishing line….cotton thread,i use the thread it weathers away.

JonandJo 12-02-2013 12:01 PM

Thanks willow.

I'm guessing when it weathers away the plants have stayed attached.

JonandJo 12-02-2013 12:03 PM

Oh sorry willow is there a specific technique for tying them to the rocks or wood.

Also how many do you attach.

Boredomb 12-02-2013 12:45 PM

Plants such as Anubias or Java ferns that have a rhizome. You take the string or fishing line and wrap it around the rhizome. Without getting the leaves in a bind. Plants such as mosses you simply just put the most on the wood or rock and wrap the string or fishing linearound both and the moss will grow up and around the line. Eventually in time the roots will take hold. The rougher the surface the easier the roots can attach to it.

willow 12-02-2013 03:40 PM

^^ very nicely done :-D

JonandJo 12-09-2013 06:49 AM

When you say you get better rooting from a rougher surface. When attaching to bog wood would it be worth sanding the surface to make it not so smooth, or even putting some cuts into the wood.

As these are not in substrate would I need to add fertiliser?

willow 12-09-2013 07:37 AM

i've not used frets in my tank..and i think they will find a way of rooting,
a bit like a plant not in an aquarium that seems to cling to the most
inhabitable wall.
i've had wood attach to rock and wood that i didn't think able.

JonandJo 12-09-2013 10:31 AM

Willow you are the fountain of all knowledge, thank you ��

willow 12-09-2013 04:03 PM

aww bless you..that's really kind.

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