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xrayjeeper83 10-25-2009 10:22 PM

Bumble bee cichlid's
I have 4 cichlids in my 29 gallon tank. 1 bumble bee, 1 jewel, 1 yellow lab, and 1 red peacock. Also have a catfish and a rubberlip pleco. Are bumble bee's normal overly aggresive? Mine seems to bully everyone in the tank. Everyone else gets along pretty well, its just the bumble bee that chase's everyone around the tank. Im thinking of taking him back to the LFS and trying to get another peacock or lab

mollies 10-26-2009 12:10 AM

ok for starters you are way over crowed. For that many fish in that small of a tank. Ecspecialy with Cichlid. All of them you named get aggresive. even labs. If it were me i would up grade to a 55 or larger. Or re home 2 of them.

1077 10-26-2009 02:30 AM

I do not believe you are overstocked but plenty of individual hiding spots or resting spots are needed for the fsh. I do agree that a larger tank ,something like a 40 gal breeder tank would be ideal for the fish and has more room front,to back than a 55 gal.
Do research your fish BEFORE buying them. You are fortunate that fish store will take fish back. Most won't due to unknown conditions of the water in your tank or mine.
The bumblebee cichlid was just doing what comes natural, establishing territory or dominance and in a smallish tank,, You will see this behaivor with nearly all cichlids. These are NOT community fish that interact with each other like goldfish,guppies,tetras,etc. Researching fish by googling info on the species will save the poor fish from being attacked by unsuitable tankmates and subjected to two or three different moves from dealers tank ,to your tank,and ultimately to anothers tank.
I killed many fish when I first began caring for them by buying fish that were attractive to me with little regard to water parameters,temperatures,foods,and compatibilty among the fishes I selected.

xrayjeeper83 10-26-2009 02:53 PM

I admit i didnt do my research when buy the cichlids as to which go well with which once. I did do my homework on water and that stuff. I do know that they wouldnt be able to be in the 29 forever, I had plans on stepping up to a 55 after awhile. I did take him to the LFS today and now only have the 3 that get along very well, plus the rubberlip and catfish. And yes I have a good amount of cover for them

Went to the website to tell you how stocked your tank is, from another thread, and it says Im now 80% stocked full grown.

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