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asterisk 10-24-2009 07:55 PM

upgrading to 29 gallon tank, stocking suggestions
I am new to this board but have gotten help from another in the past. I have had my 20 gallon tank for nearly a year. My numbers are:
Ammonia 0 to .25
pH 7
nitrite 0
nitrate 8
temp 80 I do 30-40% pwc's every week and things are stable in tank. In my tank I have
1 male dwarf gourami, very territorial
3 panda cories (can't find any more healthy ones)
1 skunk cory (can't find any more healthy ones)
I am moving up to a 29 gallon so I will have more options and hopefully can have a school of ?? kind of fish for the middle and I am going to go with another kind of cory that is hardy and available here so I can get a good school going. I like the julii cory, hope to be able to get 6 of those, and eventually have all that one species.So I wanted to ask opinions re. my plans for the cories..
Then I would please like suggestions as to what other kinds of fish I could have in there. I certainly would like to keep the dwarf gourami in there, but if he can't get along, I can keep him in the 20 I guess. The owner of a lfs told me I would need a medium size tetra school with the gourami. Would rasboras be a consideration? Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
Oh, I will be moving everyithing from the 20 to the 29. I got a Marineland delux with everything included. I plan to move one of my 2 filters over to the 29 and float the biowheel too. Thanks

MoneyMitch 10-24-2009 09:44 PM

cant go wrong with like 5 neon tetras love there color~

asterisk 10-24-2009 10:02 PM

going new direction, how about gouramis?
Hi, thanks for your answer suggesting neons. However I have been reading some older posts and found some I really like about stocking a 29 gallon tank. There was positive discussion about stocking with 4 honey gouramis, 3 female and 1 male. Now that idea, I like. Truly, I like those fish better than the tetras, etc. I would like to know if that has turned out to be a successful plan? That sounds like fun to me, and the cories. And maybe some neons later. I absolutely want a peaceful tank and don't want it to be overstocked.
I should mention again about the dwarf gourami I have, he is called Grumpy, he does not tolerate any middle fiish, that is why there is only him and the cory catfish at present in the 20 gallon. . I assume if I try the 4 honeys in the 29, , I would have to put him into another tank? Anyway, first I would like to know if you all think the gourami plan is a good one still. I would put the dwarf in the 20. Thanks!

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