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Squatchmen 11-30-2013 07:53 AM

From These Plants, Which Would Be Best With Cichlids?
This is going to be thread mainly for discussion to filter any of these plants that I have on this list for a cichlid tank, so here's the list of plants:

- Blyxa
- Crassula
- Elatine
- Eichhornia
- Eleocharis
- Heteranthera
- Hemigraphis
- Hottonia
- Hydrophila
- Isoetes
- Limnophila
- Ludwigia
- Microsorum
- Monosolenium
- Nymphoides
- Polygonum
- Potamogeton
- Rotala
- Sagittaria
- Alternanthera
- Ammania
- Aponogeton
- Cabomba
- Ceratopteris
- Cyperus
- Hydrocotyle
- lagenandra
- Lilaeopsis
- Lobelia
- Marsilea
- Mayaca
- Micranthemum
- Myriophyllum
- Nesaea
- Ranunculus
- Pogostemon
- Bolbitis
- Didiplis
- Glossostigma
- Hemianthus
- Nuphar


I actually got this list from a combination of my own search for plants, and found most of the other plants from a forum.

Basically, these plants are confirmed to be cichlid resistant from that guy on theother forum and so, above are all the plants that are confirmed from his experience can be in a cichlid tank, or a goldfish tank, or any other fish that love to destroy and eat plants.

I just need to know if there is no conflict or counter info that some of them have been destroyed and eaten in fish tanks

Agent13 11-30-2013 09:14 AM

All depends on the species of Cichlid. A good fat majority of those would be a messy plant buffet in my African cichlid tank( they even shred silk plants letting little strings fly around the tank lol.. Brats!!)
But ALL of those are safe in my tank with Electric Blue Rams then most would be safe but not all in the tank with Angels.

Squatchmen 11-30-2013 08:27 PM

Yeah, I was thinking of African cichlids....not the teeny, weeny little peaceful rams or appistos. I went back to the original forum where I got the list, he basically said that those were the plants he tried to grow in his aquarium, and that's it. Although the thread was about African cichlids, and the guy that posted the plants did say he had African rift lake cichlids, he did not specifically say that he grew the plants in with the cichlids, but I assume he did. IDK

Anyway. I'm doing a tad bit of research, and I'm just going to throw some plants on the post so I don't forget, so yeah.

- Tiger Lotus
- Ferns
- Rotala
- Cabomba
- Water Wisteria
- Green Arrowhead
- Moss Balls
- Aponogeton boivinanus
- Hornwort
- Milfoil
- Onion Plant
- Frogbit
- Salvinia
- Najas Grass
- Water Hyacinth
- hygrophila difformis

Agent13 11-30-2013 09:02 PM

Tiger lotus might be ok. Perhaps wisteria . I'm pretty sure most types of aponogeton does fine, and Vallisneria is naturally occurring in parts of at least lake Malawi . Generally plants with sturdier leaves stand a better chance.
Ones I have and still keep successfully with my rift lake cichlids are:
Several types of Java fern attached to wood
Water sprite
Nymphoides aquatica (banana plant)
I tried hornwort and they shredded it and made an impressive mess!

What type of Africans are you thinking of? Many of the rift lake ones really prefer sand and rocks with minimum plants. Plus the water that's beneficial to them is not very conducive to plant life unless your wanting river or stream cichlids or west African as apposed to East African .

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Agent13 11-30-2013 09:10 PM

Click on this video.. This is a Lake Malawi (semi biotope) biotope in progress. Mostly mbuna some haps and 1 peacock and an African featherfin cat.
(Can't see where the Anubia went.. The tank boss probably shoved it to the back or in a cave again lol)

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Squatchmen 12-01-2013 08:03 AM

Thanks so much for the couple of plants you mentioned in post #4, also, I tried to load the video and stopped 1/4 of the way in and never came out of buffering.....

So I gotta jot down these other plants as well:

- Ludwigia
- Aponogeton
- Nymphoides
- Ceratopteris
- Selaginella
- Lilaeopsis

Agent13 12-01-2013 03:43 PM

Some of those also might work .. Just honestly depends a lot on the type of Africans you intend to keep. Have you narrowed that part down at all yet? There are SO many and some vastly different then others. Thousands of species. If you're not sure which type it is you want but know at least one species I can help you narrow it down a ton.

Sorry about the video.. Photobucket seems iffy when I post from my phone. Its on YouTube also .. Here

This is so you can have an idea what many Africans prefer as a setup. And they totally landscape their own setup. I only have mild say in their tank design lol. I really love these fish.

Oh.. And you mentioned those moss balls. I never thought of trying them in that tank but I think I will now. I'm willing to bet that is going to be a source of entertainment for them. I'm pretty certain they'll shove it all over the tank! Haha
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Squatchmen 12-01-2013 06:26 PM

Ok, well I narrowed it down, here it goes. the cichlids are Malawi Mbuna and the species from that is Pseudotropheus socolofi.

Got the video working, but I always hate looking at setups that are mediocre (nice way to put it) so I found a really cool video in comparison to yours:
I actually, REALLY like these African cichlids, simply because if you make their aquascape with pretty much purely Lava rock and some slate for cave building, it looks like a marine environment that actually freshwater. The fish themselves reminds me of marine fish.

This is a bit off topic, but I noticed my Geophagus has "hole in the head" disease, and he had when I got him. I actually need to change or "enhance" my fish's diet. because I literally only give them a meat based diet with frozen and yeah, I'm still new to this. I don't know how I can give them green in their diet as well, something that'll give them vitamin A and C so there's no hole in the head anymore

Agent13 12-01-2013 07:10 PM

Well they look like marine tanks and fish because thats what they evolved from LONG ago. And the rift lakes of Africa actually have the highest salt content of any freshwater lake. Mbuna is my specialty actually however i know a great deal about the others. That tank of mine is majority mbuna. You're going to want to mix NLS cichlid pellets( even at full grown its best to feed the small sized pellets.. Just a bit more often then other fish) and a herbivore cichlid pellet food as well. Another thing would be zucchini just clip it to those suction cuo veggie clips and th really like seaweed. I like to ger mine from an asian grocery store because the stuff at petstores is super messy to feed.
Tufa rock works well along with other smooth rocks. They really enjoy diging cave systems under them. As for planting your not going to get away with to much with mbuna. Theyre from the rocky turbulant areas of lake malawi. High oxygen(it has waves like an ocean) very hard water. If you dont already have high KH(~11-15dKH) and high PH(8.2) then you'll need to use something to raise it like aragonite, crushed coral or and rock work that raises KH. Dont use those PH powders they sell in petstores.. Thats rarely stable. Also adding aquarium salt in rift lake tanks is common practice.. Or even a small amount of marine salt.

You will want to overstock your tank(as Im assuming you know since youve done maybe a little research). Filtration needs to be about a10x turnover rate but more is always good. They prefer a good current so a powerhead is very helpful. Most mbuna you'll want 1male to every 3-5female and some species more( like Pseudotropheus Demosoni.. The meaner the bigger the harem they need). P. Socolofi is a great fish. I love the color and they're not outrageously aggressive ( for mbuna standards that is !).

Stock carefully and never add just obe fish at a time. They will get bullied often or killed if you do this. Stocking Mbuna tanks is a chess game.. And a fun challenge in my oppinion.

Enjoy! And ask away if you have any specific questions. This tank you will absolutely want to do research if you want it to work.

Agent13 12-01-2013 07:26 PM

I just watched half of tht video.. Ugh Don't try to replicate that one! Thats a seriously hodgpodge ill advised mix of African cichlids. And i saw maybe only 2-3 mbuna. Plus those two lakes really shouldnt be mixed... Especially that mixed!

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