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Flint 11-28-2013 08:04 PM

Black Mollies Lethargic?
Hi, everyone. I am using three black mollies (1m2f) to cycle my 10 gallon because they can be in it for the conversion to brackish. They will be returned to the fish store once the cycle is complete. I will possibly be able to get some bacterial additives to experiment with (TSS) on Thursday, the 5th. My test kit was delayed due to the Thanksgiving holliday so it will be here Monday or Tuesday. Don't have any readings atm but my temp is at 82F and pH is 8.2.

They are (and have been since being added to the tank almost 48 hours ago) swimming in place in their little group in various parts of the tank. They have really taken to sitting around the filter lately. No food has been eaten yet but they are using the restroom. They were taken from a shoal of 70+, are they just feeling insecure about the reduction in group size and new tank? Just wondering if I should be worried. They aren't clamping their fins, bottom-sitting, breathing hard or showing any other signs of stress besides the lethargy.

No salt will be added until the tank is cycled and I know, shame on me for doing fish-in, but it is my preferred method and I have a right to my opinions and ways.

Thank you,

Flint 11-30-2013 11:01 AM

I lowered the temp to 75-77F but they still aren't eating or swimming much.

Sylverclaws 01-11-2014 08:01 AM

...You're using them to cycle the tank, which is far too small for mollies, and that is killing them. That's what a fish-in cycle very often does. Even with protective chemicals they will still take damage and risk death unfortunately, it's much better to do a fishless cycle.

The lethargy is due to two things as well: The toxins in the water attacking them, and the temp is WAY too cold. Mollies need temps absolutely no lower than 78, preferably around 80F.

Do NOT return these fish to the store after you destroy their immune systems like this if they survive it, and they will not recover it. They will catch diseases and parasites and other nasties very fast and pass them on to whoever may be unlucky enough to buy them for their new tank if they survive petshop filth long enough. Unfortunately at this point the damage has already been done. =/

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