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molliefan09 10-23-2009 05:30 PM

:oops:so last october my little brother won 2 goldfish at our "fall festival" and to our surprise they are STILL alive.....we have never had this happen before......they usually are dead by morning. In any case i am assuming these are comets as that is what is usually at these fairs.....originally they were housed in a goldfish bowl and my mom soon realized that was a bad idea so she bought a 2.5 gallon hexagon tank with and internal filter and bubbler......since they were put in this tank last december nothing else has been done with it...they feed them, keep the light on during the day and change the water every week or so.....i was just over there the other day and they are HUGE probably 3-4 inches a piece. since getting into the fish keeping hobby a couple months ago ive been hounding her to get a bigger tank...however she only has room for a 10 gallon...she says she doesnt want to go any bigger because then they will get bigger :evil:. I have decided to take it upon myself to get these guys a bigger home. i may even move them to my house, im not sure yet. i mean are taking care of these guys and their habitat any different then caring for my tropical community tank?? i know they are VERY dirty fish and may need more frequent water changes and a good filter. in anycase any info would be helpful and again she only has room for a 10 gal wil this be sufficiant for now??

JouteiMike 10-24-2009 10:24 AM

Unfortunately, keeping the goldfish in a 10 gallon tank will be a death sentence sooner than later for the goldies. The goldfish require a MUCH larger tank, at least 55 gallons, but more preferably, 75-90 gallon at least. Goldfish produce massive amounts of waste, and consume considerably more oxygen than other fish. I personally would never keep then in a 10 gallon, even if I did daily water changes.

molliefan09 10-24-2009 10:53 AM

ok, thanks for the mom doesnt have room for anything that big and i cant afford to get one at this of the dr.s i work with has a koi pond at his house....would it be ok to put them in there??

JouteiMike 10-25-2009 12:09 PM

It would be much better than a 10 gallon aquarium!

molliefan09 10-25-2009 12:18 PM

no, i know that now....i just wanted to make sure they would be ok to go in with really still learning all the ins and outs of fish keeping, thats why i asked. if you guys say 10 is too small i should preferably do a pond....then thats what ill do, i just dont have the room for an outdoor pond so im going to rehome him to the doctors pond

JouteiMike 10-25-2009 12:35 PM

If possible, I would personally wait until they reach maybe 5-6 inches before putting them in the pond - because there is always that chance that they will become a snack for the larger koi. But given your circumstance, the best option would be to house them in the pond, and hope for the best. If everything works out, the comets will grow and live peacefully with the koi. Expect them to get BIG really fast too! Good luck.

molliefan09 10-25-2009 12:46 PM

thank you for the help!!

adiumroot 11-03-2009 02:03 PM

I agree. How big are the koi at the doctor's pond? If none are over 12 inches yet, (most probably if the koi are still young) then comets of 4 inches could be able to live with them already. But I personally would wait until they reach 5, just like what JouteiMike said.

And yes, they will grow quite big. From a distance they'll look just like young koi. Good luck!

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