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Barry gibb 11-28-2013 10:42 AM

S e asian/mexician cenote biotope
So it about time i started a biotope, but was stuck between what type,so ive opted for south east asian/mexician cenote biotope, bit misssh mashh.
Tank size
Fluval u2 internal filter
Blackout back/sides
Ive went for the cheaper and recomended method of scavaging for this tank, the retailers price for branches and root systems are so expencive. So i went for a walk in the woods and found some impressive root systems, will be returning for them for my 140g discus set up. But for now back to my biotope, i found a big dead oak try so collected aload of branches, a bag of oak leaves. Now ive read that a simple wash is good enought but i decided to wet scape the bark of leven a nice look about it. The leaf liter was soaked in plain water for 2day by then the leaf had sunk, a quick rinse and thats them done and ready to use.
The sand substrate is a mix of used silca and river sand again free of charge.
I dont think am going to put any plants in this tank as green would look odd in this autum/fall biotope.
Ive added a slate corner with options of slate caves with sand or slopeing slate to spawn on.

Now for fish choice, now i wont to get this mexicain cenote right here so dont worry about fish size as they will be getting replaced will apistos once they get to 4" and moved to the big tank. My choice is
2xfire mouth cichlids there 2 i picked out from a small group in a large tank, they were cuddled up in a corner so hopeing these to are a pair :)
They have settled on the slate area under the branches.

My south east asian fish are
9x green tiger barb 6x tiger barb. geting the tigers barbs on saturday, however my 9 strong team of green tigers are doing great, shoaling up great now the pecking orders sorted. Will sex them once my females plump up more. There getting on well with my fire mouths as there swimming around with them in there group.
So as it stand i am happy with the set up, maybe tweeks needed along the way but for now, hope yous enjoy this develope

Barry gibb 12-02-2013 11:34 AM

Tiger barbs are here!!!!
So i got my 6xtiger barbs yesterday, they spent 12 hours in darkness intill i came home today and turn on the lights,
They were all shoaled together what a stunning sight, loveing this new tank set up.
Got a short 20sec video of the feeding frenzie what just took place. There so fast its unreal. Cant wait to start the 140g now
Heres some pictures!!!

Will get some close ups shortly just this video to upload

Barry gibb 12-02-2013 06:37 PM

As promised had to open up a youtube page for tropical fish stuff, so my first videos my barbs haveing a light lunch!!!

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sdfssddff 12-03-2013 04:23 PM

WOW! I love the look of your tank! Very cool. The green-moss barbs and firemouth really are snatching up that food! Thanks for sharing the video ^_^

Although, I am so jealous, how did you get the oak leaves to look that awesome and not deteriorate in the water??

Barry gibb 12-03-2013 06:16 PM

Thanks sdfssddff
The biotope turn out better that i though it would, its about timeing with your oak leafs, only pick the falling leafs dont pick as there not ready, this it the time in scotland well the hole of uk, collect a few bags dry them out in a shed or garage this way they will keep to next autum, once soaked you get a good few months out then and any decaining leaf will hover up duren water changes, add more when you feel you need them.

The firemouths just finish it off, they seam to get in among the barbs at dinner time no problem, but they barbs are super fast. Thanks for viewing :) hope you hit that "like" button lol
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