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chscoleg 10-22-2009 11:12 PM

Can you sex this convict cichlid?
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I have read on all of the sites that female convict cichlids exhibit the orange coloration on their bellies. I went to the pet store and they told me that this was for sure a male. I want to make sure so I can prepare for fry... Thanks!

jeaninel 10-23-2009 01:06 AM

I'm thinking it's female due to the orange coloration on the belly. How did the LFS know for sure it was male? Did they vent it?

1077 10-23-2009 01:44 AM

I believe it could be a male especially if it is kept in a tank by itself? Females in large enough tanks don't usually present a problem unless holding eggs. Males on the otherhand are often belligerent among other males at least until dominance is established. The longer dorsal fin and anal fin of the fish in the photo seem to indicate a male as the fins on females,, are usually not as long. Males are often larger than females as well.
You may just have to try it with the female you have? If it is a male , and your other fish? is a female.. then it won't be long until they ,Ummm, get busy. It's what they do. If it is a female, then you will have a pair of females for an eventual male to coose from.
Hope you have plans for homing all the little ones that this species can produce in short order.:roll:

chscoleg 10-23-2009 07:35 AM

The pointed/extended dorsal fin is what led the LFS to tell me it was a male. All of the pictures of males I have seen though did not exhibit the orange which is why I am questioning the sex....has anyone seen a male convic that looks similar to this one?

chscoleg 10-23-2009 10:24 AM

Also, the female follows the fish pictured around the tank. Are there any suggestions on what to feed to promote spawning/fertilization. I feed cichlid pellets and bloodworms. I just got the fish on the 20th but want to provide them with the best possible life as I am new to this hobby.

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