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RukatheBlackfish 02-05-2007 11:56 PM

Mystery Fish
I think this where this goes.
So I looked for this fish under freshwater sharks, no success, and there was just too many catfish for me to look through. I'm now on a quest to find out what type of fish this is. My boyfriend got it long ago, and doesn't remember. I was hoping someone would know what the name of this fish is. Now that he has got back into keep lots of freshwater fish.

Thanks for any help :)

Lupin 02-06-2007 01:15 AM


It appears you got a pangasius catfish there.:) They have a tendency to reach 4 feet and possibly more. I would return it to the lfs as soon as possible. Not worth it trying to keep them on long-term basis.:)

They are scaleless fish so treatment when necessary should not be overdosed. This is just an added information.:)

RukatheBlackfish 02-06-2007 02:01 AM

Wow, you are right! He's had it for 3 years, and I've known Matt about a year or so, and it hasn't gotten any bigger. It's in a 75 gallon at the moment. Thank you very much. He's one of my favorite's of my BF's fish. Thanks again!

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