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flowersilver 10-20-2009 10:26 PM

Can i mix these fish ?
I have a 29 gallon eclipse tank with 2 guppies, 1 kuli loach and one big dalmation molly. I am looking to get neon tetras .. what would be the most I could add to my tank ?

Mikaila31 10-20-2009 10:55 PM

alot.... more than 15 IMO if your really wanted that many. However, you can't add them all at once your the tank will crash and most of the fish would die. Given your current stocking I would get 3 neon tetras to start with, the rule when adding new fish to a stable tank is that you can increase the bioload by 1/3 without causing a mini cycle. You need to wait 2 weeks before adding any more fish so the bacteria in your filter can grow. Once this period is over you can again increase the bioload by 1/3. In other terms you could add 5-6 neons. then wait two weeks and keep repeating till you have however many you want, or until the tank is full

1077 10-21-2009 12:56 AM

Guppies and mollys would/do appreciate warmer water than the neons enjoy. Livebearers also need a little more alkaline water than neons would appreciate. In my humble opinion. I have kept neons in warmer water and colors faded along with their health. Have also kept livebearers at cooler temps and with the exception of platys,and swordtails, they do much better at warmer temps. IMHO

wumpus 10-24-2009 09:54 AM

I think you could add around 13 if you really wanted that many.

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