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JonandJo 11-25-2013 01:00 PM

A rolling stone gathers no moss
I was thinking about what I was going to pit in my new tank in the way of aquascape. A couple of ideas sprang to mind regarding rocks.

Firstly in a freshwater tank would rocks and slate from the beach be a no no?

Secondly if I was to collect them from the river bank, sometimes they are covered with a moss. Is this moss or algae and if I was to put it in my tank would I have a problem with it?

I would like short grass type plants or moss on the bottom of the tank. If it is moss can it be encouraged to grow?

I'll see if I can get a image of what if like.

keepsmiling 11-26-2013 01:56 AM

I do not know the laws where you are, but taking rocks from the beach or ocean is illegal here. Just think if everyone did it there would be no beach. There has to be a law. And no, you do not want them in a fw tank anyway. When choosing rocks for a tank, you generally want ones with inert properties, that won't affect PH. There is a test you can do to determine this if you are not sure. The green on the rocks is most likely algae. Moss will look raised up like a plant. While some people fight to keep algae at bay, others embrace it, especially for certain fish that like it. It depends on what you want from your tank, and what look you are going for. I am going to assume though that exactly replicating the conditions that cause the algae on the rocks may be challenging. remember those rocks in a river get a lot of oxygen,they may get exposed somewhat, and perhaps a lot of sunlight.

JonandJo 11-26-2013 02:48 AM

I'm sure there are probably laws, but I was only on about taking a few pebbles.

I will however now walk the river banks looking for suitable rocks. I can't set my tank up till end of December. So will soak rocks in water and see if my pH changes.

rsskylight04 11-26-2013 03:02 AM

I keep an extra 10 gallon tank just for little experiments like that. Take water from your aquarium to fill the 10 gal then insert whatever your not sure about. Test the water later to see how its been affected.
Best wishes to you and your fish!

willow 11-26-2013 04:07 AM

taking rock from the beach is as far as i know against the law
here,i don't know about river banks.
anything taken needs a quarantine because of natural beasties and such.
if the moss looking stuff is on the stones in the water,perhaps
it's just an algae which you can proper gate yourself by leaving
stones in a jar of water on the windowsill…other than that if it's
flowing like hair…leave it alone…i almost introduced hair algae to my tank
from the weed from the pond…:-(
and if it's moss on the edge of the water then it will probably die off under water.
this probably has been no help at all..just thought my 2p worth.

keepsmiling 11-26-2013 04:39 AM

The test for rocks uses white vinegar. You pour a little vinegar on the rocks. If it fizzes it will effect your tank's PH. Inert rock will do nothing.

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