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Aqua Jon 11-23-2013 09:30 PM

My pitfalls & experiences: angels, QT tanks
So i've moved on from a 10g & 30 gallon tank to a 50gallon tank. I've made it a veritable fish paradise that is very interesting for myself and guests to my place. However I'm having issues maintaining livestock. Through this post (& plea for help) I may be confessing my own neglect on some level. I hope it can be used for others to learn from.

My biggest issue: No not algae, I'm okay with algae in my tank (a little bit). Its angelfish or my LFS (petco). The angels before I could not diagnose, no visible symptoms aside from eratic swimming and quick demise had been noticable. This last angel the same swimming and red eyes with red (truly pink) gills. I cant see any white worms or noticeable fungus either. I had not quarantined the two new angels and my one in the tank succumbed to the same symptoms. So i still have one angel, 5 neons, 1 CAE, 1 SAE. I'm aware the CAE may attack flat bodied fish without a food source. But there is plenty of algae and no damage to the body of the angels. I've also not ever seen an attempt at another fish from the CAE. I am setting up a QT tank now, as it seems that it truly is unavoidable. My water temperature is fairly warm 82-84 on average. Perhaps this is stressing the angels (despite meticulous acclimation - fish eat and regain full color within an hour or less time after being added to the main tank).

Or is this a simple case of Petco/Petsmart poor fish stock that are riddled with disease?

I've been recommended LiveAquaria by a friend, but dont know if I will have the same results and dont want to waste money on shipping and the higher costs of these fish if there is an issue with my tank. My chemistry values are "normal" aside from the high temp. All nitrogen compounds = 0.00, pH = 6.8 avg, and GH/KH are 7/3. I have shrimp in the tank as well, which are doing well.

Any assistance is welcome.

Tolak 11-23-2013 09:48 PM

Junk fish. I keep & breed angels at 82-84F, I won't let anything living from corporate owned shops, and many independent shops in my house. Look at Aquabid for decent angels, or talk to the folks at The Angelfish Forum II - Focused on Freshwater Angelfish. - Powered by vBulletin

I quar fish I get in from reputable breeders & keepers. It's not just a situation of something may have slipped through the cracks of their normally very well thought out procedures for preventing disease. There may be something that my stock is living with that they have no problem with, which may affect fish who have been stressed a bit by shipping & acclimation to different water, foods, & so on.

It might be compared to going to a foreign country where they tell you not to drink the water, but the locals drink it with no problem whatsoever. Their systems are acclimated for quite some time to whatever little bug or whatever may be in the local water supply. If you're new to it your system takes a real wack.

I've had some breeders get offended when I quar fish from them, I tell them they'd better quar fish from me. I also tell them OK, I won't quar your fish, if there's an issue can I expect you over every evening to change hndreds of gallons of water & help with med procedures? Haven't had any takers yet!

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