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Sally M 11-23-2013 05:15 PM

Naked tanks!
:shock:So I am recently obsessed with fish. My first tank came two weeks ago. It is a Fluval 2g and now has a Betta, 2 shrimp and one mystery snail, along with some live plants with a gemstone (Oregon sunstone to be specific) substrate. Added a floating Betta log and a Betta hammock and I think he's all set.

So then comes a Fluval Spec 5.6 g. I am trying to set up a planted tank, so I used Miracle Grow Organic Potting Mix topped with Flourish Black Sand. I started it and did so many things wrong, I can't begin to count! But now my water is starting to clear up, I've got some fresh stem plants stuck in the substrate along with floaters and 4 little shrimp (if they are still there!) and a mystery snail. But now I have to decide who goes in here!

And then there is the big tank - at least for me. It is an AquaTop 14g (which was a spectacular deal that peachii posted). I didn't use the undergravel filter but rather created a filter out of a plastic vase shaped thing, some sponge, ceramic media and charcoal and the pump that came with it. But that's it, it's empty.

So if you had these two empty tanks just begging for critters, what would you put in them?


JonandJo 11-23-2013 05:22 PM

With the 15g tank I was advised a nano tank (I had to ask as well, which is small fish that grow between an inch and two inches) with one centrepiece fish.

Mine will house 6 neon tetra, 6 lemon tetra, 3 otocinclus cats. With probably 6 other fish (celestial pearl danios look nice) and a dwarf gourami or a ram.

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