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JerseyBird97 10-17-2009 05:10 PM

Opinions please
I'm looking for a new heater for my 75gal. I'm leaning towards 2-200 watt heater cause my tank is fairly long (4ft). I'm looking for opinions on brands like Viaaqua, Odyssea and Weipro.

Twistersmom 10-17-2009 07:59 PM

Hello! I wish I could be of some help, but I am not familiar with any of those name brands.

bearwithfish 10-17-2009 08:22 PM

not really sure onthe brands but you really need to go with a 300 for the tank of that size we had one and used a 150 on each side to help keep the temp stable.

JerseyBird97 10-18-2009 06:26 AM

bear, since my tank is rated for (1) 300 wouldn't (2) 200's do well?

JouteiMike 10-18-2009 07:05 AM

Two 200W heaters will be fine.

I've had good luck with using two 200W heaters on each side of my 75 gallon in the past. However, I am not familiar with the brands you mentioned. I've used Eheim and Visatherm in the past, and still use my visatherm today. Had no problems with those brands.

JerseyBird97 10-18-2009 07:41 AM

Thanks for all the input

Kim 10-18-2009 08:37 AM

The Visitherm Stealth models have been my best friend. They are very accurate and I'd highly recommend them to anyone. The Visitherm Deluxe model works just as well, but it is made of glass so you have to unplug it when draining water.

willow 10-18-2009 11:05 AM

you've probably already made your choice,however i just
wanted to say that for my 4ft tank i have two heaters,they are visitherm,
and i'd use tat brand evrey time.
good luck with your choice.
oh yeah the other reason i have two is incase one gives out,i would still
have one running.

bearwithfish 10-19-2009 08:54 AM

sorry it took so long to respond yes the two 200's would be great i just miss read your post... sorry i am a bone head at times....LOL ......

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