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Soyuki 11-17-2013 01:24 PM

Hilarious Cat + Fish stories
I wanted to share my little stories of our cat's interactions with our fish and other aquatic animals as I'm told they're humorous.

We have two cats:
Cosmos - lovable but dopey
Freddie - sleek, black and in charge.
Both are terrified of being wet.

Cosmos is the aquatic trouble maker, as he is the reason the picture of my frog tank is surrounded by so much stuff (He'll try to jump on the mesh top as well as pushes stuff off the top on the sides).
The most hilarious thing is, that if I take out my frog (African Clawed) and show him, he doesn't care, he'll keep looking in the tank for him.

This same cat also decided that while my roommate was cleaning her saltwater that he'd go for a swim. Thinking the lid would be there for him to sit on (as both cats frequently do when the lid is on) he jumped up. All I heard was a loud SPLOOOSH then lots of splashing before Cosmos ran past my door. My roommate was dead quiet so I thought "Oh no she dropped her prepared water on the floor while refilling" but when I asked she said he jumped up, time stopped for just a moment then he fell right in. He is now afraid when the lid is tilted back open and will not come in the same room with the tank! (This is the cat that also fell in the toilet thinking the lid was down and now always double checks before jumping up!)

Back when I had my Oscar tank, I remember how terrified of the oscar the cats were. I had this oscar trained to shoot ping pong balls out of the water. Now when i had him in college, he'd hit my darker skinned friends almost all the time (racist fish!) and everyone always laughed. Now back to the cats, he would systematically target our black cat Freddie and wait until he was getting ready to use the potty (where his tank was close to) and you'd here the 'pop' of him hitting the ping pong ball then a cat would go skidding out of the box all puffed up. Freddie then would never go in if the lid was open to the tank, but if you closed it, he'd get up there and attempt to 'punch' my Oscar (batting at the front of the tank) while my oscar tried to spit ping pong balls at him. It was always so funny, I really miss that Oscar!

So anyone else have funny pet interaction stories? :3

rsskylight04 11-18-2013 02:06 AM

My oldest cat loves to fish! She will watch the fish for several minutes at a time andwhen no ome is looking she jumps onto the tank and tries toswipe at the fish. One time she actually caught one! My favorite fish, a beautiful, male jack dempsey, likes to swim near the top of my tank- probaly to be first to see any food that is put in. Well one day I hear a loud spash, followed by the unmistakable sound of a fish flopping on the floor! I run in because I've already guessed what happened, and sure enough, my 6" dempsey is on the floor with a very guiltylooking cat perched on top of the tank. Ihave since added plastic strips cut to fit each of my tanks to prevent a repeat.
Thanks for the great thread

tiffanylucky 11-18-2013 07:15 PM

multable cute stories
I have two bettas, one sassy girl betta named tiffany and a mellow boy lucky. So, I got them a new toy, a floating mirror. Both bettas flare at the "threat" but lucky also then starts to chase his reflection on the glass only when it's in his tank. My favorite story was last week when I as making them jump for a blood worm dinner, Tiffany cought hers and was playing with it for 10 min. she would let the blood worm go, then get it.

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