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erivera788 10-11-2009 12:15 PM

Ammonia Problem
I have a 26 gallon tank which I keep
2 kissing garami
2 neon tetras(3 dead)
1 scissor tetra
1 red parrot (i dead)
2 zebras
live plants
Bio filter system

All thinks were good for for the last 3 months
i checked the water quality regulary and ammonia was low
as well as nitrate. the only concern I had during this time was the PH level
usually settled at 6.

all of a sudden I summer temps lowered causing a change in water temp.
it went from around the low 80s to 75-74 degrees. not really paying attention to this
I started to notice my red parrot fishes getting white spots. I treated the water with a
white spot medicine for the next % days as per the instructions which included water changes since filter had to be removed. After the treatment one of the parrots died and the other was not far from it. it looked as if it was having problem breathing. I noticed my other fishes were having trouble too. I seperated the remaining red parrot to a separate tank. after 3 days the red parrot was fine. During this time having done several water changes(25%) and adding water conditioners

Stress Zyme+
Stress coat+

I am running a Biological filter, which has worked great in the pass reducing ammonia to zero and keeping it there for long periods of time. For some reason its staying up for the last week. I do a daily 25% water change. I siphon the gravel and checked for decaying fish or plant. I have been feeding less.

How can I better control ammonia when it doesn't seem to want to be controlled? Also does lower water temp affect PH and Ammonia< and does a PH of 7 which I doe have because of the water changes affect ammonia levels

Twistersmom 10-11-2009 01:05 PM

Hello and welcome to the forum!

You say that you had to remove the filter for the ick treatment. Most medications say to remove the carbon from the filter during the treatment. How long was the filter not in use? The bacteria in the filter may have died off without the tank water flowing through it.

What are your ammonia and nitrite readings now?

I think the drop in temperature stressed the fish and caused the ick. Do you have a heater for your tank? Changes in temperature, can be hard on fish. Having tropical fish, the tank need to be heated. A constant 78 deg, would be good for most of your fish.

Temperature, as far as I know, does not change ph or ammonia levels. Ph levels can change within the tank and new water can test different for ph than the tank water.

I would keep doing what you are doing. Daily water changes and feeding less. Post your readings for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.

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