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tmj12 11-13-2013 11:47 AM

Male Betta having unusual problem eating
My 3 year old male Betta has been fine for years, no issues, same 5 gallon tank, regular water changes, same surroundings (tank hasn't been moved), not in direct sun or heat, etc; then suddenly he had trouble aiming and getting his food, he would make many attempts and miss, almost as if his aim was off, then when he did finally get it in his mouth he couldn't swallow it, it would just sit in his mouth. Poor thing is exhausted after eating and trying to swallow. So I would put my fingertip in the water and he would bump his mouth on my finger to help pop the food in, sometimes it would work and sometimes he would just tire of trying. Usually he could get it on his own but lately hes just stopped trying to eat altogether :( he just sits/lays all day, moves around every now and again to a different spot to lay. never plays anymore. now hes starting to get pale and one of his gills looks a little funny the past week or so. This has been getting worse for about a month but just the past 2 days has he stopped trying to eat altogether. He was always very active, loved to play, until he started having the aiming issues. Can anyone help?? Please & Thank you!

Champion Betta 11-14-2013 06:11 PM

Is he from a petstore? Petstore bettas are often over a year old, sometimes they are two years old! Your betta has been around a long time. Good job! Poor thing! I'll bet he's losing his eyesight. Try doing a water change with clean, warm water. Hope you get him feeling better!

tmj12 11-15-2013 01:12 PM

Yes he was from Petland I believe, I have 2 betta from there (separate tanks of course) and I got them only a month apart. The other guy is doing great! Very playful and happy, as was my poor Patrick before he started having his issues. I almost wondered if it was his eyes, poor guy :( I know he still sees me, I try to give them both attention daily, they like the 'face time' so to speak.
Only thing is once he does get the food in his mouth he still has issues swallowing, takes him awhile to get it from his 'lips' into his mouth. He did eat today so I'm happy. He is still lying around though, just hope he is not suffering.

Thank you for your reply!

Champion Betta 11-16-2013 12:39 PM

Your welcome! You could try crunching it up a little. That might help! I hope he's ok.
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