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kald 10-06-2009 07:53 PM

Platy/Swordtail Colour Variations
I recently began to attempt breeding livebearers in a 25 gallon community tank, as you may have read in my previous posts.

My male blue tuxedo platy (beautiful colouring!) has just mated with my female rainbow platy. What kind of offspring will they produce?

My female looks identical to this one, except larger:

My male looks like this except a different colour. Replace the yellow with bright blue, and replace the black with navyblue.:

Sorry for vagueness!

MonsiuerPercy1 10-08-2009 09:15 PM

Until the F1 generation(the first generation after the original parents) it is difficult to tell what you are going to get. All the inbreeding that has gone into livebearers makes it hard to determine just by looking at the parents. Once you get the first generation, you may be able to find some similarities and realize what another batch will look like. This is the best help I can give. Its more fun to see what comes out of it anyway.

If you are looking to specifically breed a color strain, then someone else may be able to help you there. I have never had any experience doing that, but just letting them pair up on their own. Good Luck!

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