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UncleEasy3000 11-12-2013 09:07 PM

Jack Dempsies
I recently rescued a breeding pair of Jack Dempsies from a crazed woman I work with (who's son went away to college so she planned on setting them free in a local pond because she was tired of taking care of them). I have been debating on selling/trading/or giving them away, as I am totally inexperienced in egg layer breeding.. Actually I'm a newbie to all breeding aside from when I was young separating the molly fry from the tank that just happened to appear etc.

Soooooooooo..... the big question is, I have a Pleco chilling in a 30g along and I could add these guys to it and give a shot at breeding..

Is breeding Cichlids a terrible idea for a first run around? I don't know I guess I'm looking for any thoughts on the matter since I have no idea what I would be getting into. (aside from needing more tank space for fry)

rsskylight04 11-13-2013 12:23 AM

love dempseys
Dempseys are great fish! I've bred them before and its not hard...but if you have no experience you might do better to give them to so one who can take good care of them. If you decide to keep them you will need to do a lot of reading and learning, but its not rocket science. Jacks are a great fish to learn with but only if you are absolutly committed to giving them your best effort. Oh yeah... thanks for not letting them go into a local lake! They would die very quickly. This forum is an awrsome resource . And please do not add two adult jacks to a 30 gallon with a pleco.. unless you hate your pleco and want to torture him to death. You will need another tank or two if you choose to breed theses incredible, awsome, great fish

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