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daisycutter 02-03-2007 12:51 PM

lemonade water
ive noticed the water in one of my tanks has taken on the aperebce of lemoade its cloudy but in the sense that it looks like theres millions of tiny particles in the water the tank is well cycled and contains an asortmaent of small livebearers and large amounts of cabomba for fry.the tank in qestion is 70 liters the ph is about 7 with a small amount of salt the fish dont seem bothered but snails have died and the plants are faltering the filter is an internal box type containing a 200 liters an hour pump............
whats going on??

jones57742 02-03-2007 02:10 PM

I am showing my ignorance here but I do not know the definition of aperebce.

I googled for it and found no matches.


fish_4_all 02-03-2007 02:15 PM

Sounds like the start of a green water outbreak. The salt has killed the snails and there is thepossibility that they are creating enough ammonia to cause an outbreak. Do a water change and try to remove the dead snails if you can. The cloudiness can also be removed sometimes with filter floss in your filter. It will remove suspended particles and help to clear up the tank. Make sure to treat the problem first by removing the dead snails first and doing a water change. It may also take a week or two to get rid of it totally if it is being caused by the ammonia from the snails.

daisycutter 02-05-2007 06:16 AM

the snails are only tiny red ramshorns and have been eaten by the fish anyhow almost all the water has been replaced both with fresh and with water taken from a cycled tank and it still returns after a day or two could the filter be the problem, its all polos(ceramic tubes) with only a single foam block would a selection of foams work better than the polos?? :?

jones57742 02-05-2007 12:59 PM


F4A may have a handle on this (ie. an algae bloom commencing).
Even though you have accomplished the appropriate water changes based on my experience the algae is still alive and maybe flourishing in your mechanical filtration media.
I removed the algae from the mechanical filtration media by soaking the media in a mild chlorine solution, rinsing thoroughly, replacing the media and adding dechlorinator.
This would be "only a step" in solving the problem.

I have stated the following in other posts but it may not be redundant in this context.
The generation of green algae is typically due to:
Lighting which is of too great an intensity,
Lighting periods which are too great of a duration and
If any of these factors are applicable then WC's and media cleaning will not effect a long term solution.

You indicated that your plants were "faltering".
When I dealt with a serious algae bloom one step which I took (and which seems contraian) was to dose with Flourish.
This dosing seemed to make the plants thrive and the thriving plants seemed to remove nutrients which the algae was utilizing.

Another condition which you may be observing is what I term "cloudy water".
"Out of the blue and for no reason which could be ascertained" the water became slightly cloudy in my well established tank on several occasions.
Similarly after one to two weeks (and once again) "out of the blue and for no reason which could be ascertained" the water cleared up.
Based on my experience, in one or two weeks the water may "just clear up".


daisycutter 02-05-2007 01:50 PM

i have just replaced all the filter media with a series of foam types the tank worked fine for a long time but when i switched residents(convicts)to (livebearers) i changed the filter media from foams(knakered) to mostly ceramic tubes which were taken from another tank the filter holds about 2 litres of media and perhaps the tubes only work properly in a larger volume .an update on the imformation i supplied the plants are not faltering just there was just bits of cabomba everwere which in my experice means its on its way out but it all seems crisp and dense.
ill keep you posted on the results

daisycutter 02-09-2007 05:21 PM

fixed the water is clearing up changeing the filter media has started to work the other problem was using water from another tank(in case it was a cycling problem)the tank water was making it worse,thanks for the help anyway

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