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englandbloke 02-03-2007 08:35 AM

discus with others?
10 neons
7 tetra type fish (look the same as a neon but a light brown instead)
5 plattys
3 silver plattys
3 silver sharks
3 geroamis (cant remember how to spell that)
1 red tailed shark
4 tigerbarbs
4 clown loach

will a dicus fish go well with these fish? am planning on gettin 2 in a mounth or somethin and thought i better check up first

FDStation152 02-03-2007 11:48 AM

They won't do well with the tiger barbs at all. For one thing tiger barbs tend to be a bit nippy towards slower and less agressive fish so your discus would most likely have to deal with gettin its fins nipped repeatedly. Another thing is that discus in general don't like too much activity around them in the tank (they scare easily) and tiger barbs are pretty active so they won't work out too well. They'll be fine with the neons (mine is kept with neons and they are actually reccomended as a dither fish). The gouramis might be a little too agressive but I've heard of them being kept with discus before.

There are some other points you want to consider here as well.

1. Discus prefer temperatures up around 84 F and a pH around 6.0-6.5. They also prefer soft water. You have to check if your fish can be adjusted to those levels if you want the discus to do well.

2. I notice you have a lot of bottom feeding fish there. Discus tend to be rather slow eaters and will actually get most of their food off the bottom after feeding time (mine spends a good half hour searching for and picking up missed blood worms). Having lots of other fish cruising the bottom to find the same food could be a problem since they will probably beat the discus to it.

3. How big is your tank? Discus need very clean water and won't do well if a tank is overstocked. Also keep in mind that while you may get the discus when its anywhere from 2-4 inches wide it can grow to be 7 inches or more. You'll want to plan ahead for that time.

4. Assuming we are both talking about the same fish when we say "silver shark", you have to watch out when they get bigger. They can and will eat smaller fish such as neons.

The key to choosing tankmates for a discus is to keep the other fish small and not particularly active. I had to move a lot of fish around to other tanks when I got mine. Remember to watch out for fish that can't handle the requirements of a discus as you're delicate discus probably won't do well if you keep it at less than optimum conditions. Also I'm not sure how your tank is decorated but its always a good idea to have some driftwood or live plants your discus can hide behind as they will be extremely nervous for the first few days in their new tank and will spend most of the time trying to hide.

englandbloke 02-03-2007 01:25 PM

121 x 62 x 46 cm thats the size of my new tank which is coming in a few days

englandbloke 02-03-2007 01:33 PM

also is well planted so got places to hide

fuzz16 02-13-2007 02:54 PM

Re: discus with others?

Originally Posted by englandbloke
10 neons
7 tetra type fish (look the same as a neon but a light brown instead) uhh?
5 plattys no, to hot for platys
3 silver plattys again, to hot
3 silver sharks gets very large...i wouldnt even think about it but you could try
3 geroamis (cant remember how to spell that) gouramis? no
1 red tailed shark gets to hot...
4 tigerbarbs
4 clown loach tank is to small. you could though, they gow slow

heres the thing with discus. i beleive in dicus only tanks. if you get them then they should be the main focus of the tank. all thse other fish cant stand the high temps very well, are aggressive, or eat all the food the discus would want.

plants are good though.

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