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jones57742 02-03-2007 08:24 AM

Reinforcing "Please Be Polite" Threads

I have prepared this post to reinforce the "Please Be Polite" threads recently generated by the Mods.

I had researched the literature extensively before reentering fish keeping after 35 years but as Charlie Chan told Number 2 son "One ounce of experience worth two pounds of detective book".

I generated several threads on another forum asking what I thought to be very simple, straight forward questions.

All I got was heat and hammering about items in my posts but no answers to my questions (except from CM and a few others).

These responses "really took the wind out of my sails" for the forum as well as fish keeping.

Recently, on another forum, I asked two simple questions in Site and Forum issues and all I got was heat from the Admin but no real answer to my questions.

I am here because of invitation and the above paragraphs.

IMHO if an item is observed in a post whereby future problems are evident noting and explaining the item politely is appropriate and necessary.

Heat and hammering in one or multiple posts within the thread is not.

I do not want our members to be subjected to the disappointment which I experienced.


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