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ScAreCroW 11-10-2013 10:38 PM

Tank set up compatibility concerns
Hey all,

Long time reader; first time poster.

(I haven't set aquariums up in my profile just yet, no)

My biggest tank, a 45 gallon bowfront is getting pretty mixed in the way of species. So I want to get a specific opinion from you guys on what I should do to complete it.

It's a mature tank.

I have 2 platys, 2 big black skirt tetras, 3 ottos, 3 african dwarf frogs, 8 male guppies (females are in another tank as this is generation 8 now), 1 juvenile angel, 1 juvenile blood parrot (not dyed). And I will be getting a german blue ram once I find some healthy ones at a LFS.

I am concerned that my angel and maybe even the parrot will dine on some guppies when they reach full size. I'm hoping that introducing them early will reduce the chance of this, but I have places for the guppies to go if it happens.

There was some aggression from the tetras towards the angel for the first day, but they got over that very quickly.

I'm looking for a good bottom dweller that won't bother the ADFs. I would like a clown loach but they get too big for my tank. Perhaps a RTBS?

What do you guys think? What can you suggest to complete this set up? Will I experience any compatibility issues?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Sakura8 11-11-2013 06:01 PM

Hi ScAreCroW and welcome to the forum. :)

First, in response to your question about a good bottom feeder: bristlenose or clown plecos are a great choice. They stay relatively small (4" or so) and are completely peaceful. They don't necessarily need to be in groups so if you only want one, they will be fine. Other catfish or cory cats need to be in larger groups which can be impractical sometimes.

Secondly, I would suggest getting more platies and black skirts. If nothing else, try to get enough black skirts to make a school of five or more, as black skirts can get nippy if there aren't enough of them. When this happens, they will probably start to nip at the angelfish. The more black skirts you have, the more they will chase and nip each other as they establish a pecking order.

Hope this helps. :)

ScAreCroW 11-12-2013 05:34 PM

That does help. I don't know if I'll get more Tetras as these are fruit loop tetras my girlfriend had and I don't like to support dying fish. And I don't know if they'll recognize black skirts as their own kind seeing as they'll look nothing alike. Besides, we've had them for 3 years and they've only shown aggression once towards a fish. So I'll fix it if there becomes an issue, quick fix.

As for the Platy's I will get some more. A mini shoal of them perhaps.

RCS, it'll be eaten for sure?

As for bottom dwellers I really did want a red tail shark but I think it'll nip guppies and the angel...then a vast majority of the rest have the problem of needing more than one. So yes perhaps a clown pleco.

What I really want is a discus but I think i'd just have to go for a species tank to keep one properly.

Anyway, I digress.

Thank you for the advice!

Sakura8 11-12-2013 06:30 PM

RCS will most likely be eaten unless you have lots and lots of java moss on the bottom for them to hide in.

Red tail sharks get more and more aggressive as they get older. As a juvenile, it may be okay but one it's full grown it may become a territorial pain in the fishbutt.

Glad to hear your tetras aren't picking on other fish. That's quite a long time for a dyed fish to live. Usually they last 6 months or so. :)

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