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zachhay11 10-04-2009 12:10 PM

ok i got a fairly new(3-4 months old) 65 gallon SW tank with just one damsel in right now(more later this week) and i'm concerned. i have like a 10-15 gallon sump and it seems like i'm adding to much water. like 3-4 gallons a week in top offs. is this all evaporation or is there a possable leek because i don't see water under the sump. also i am going to put the stirafoam(spelling that wrong:-?) under the sump but i've been putting it off because i tried before and to empty the sump i unhooked part of the tubing from the return line and used the return pump to drain water into a holding bucket. unfortionatly when i turned the ball valve down i accadently turned the wrong way. and i took about 950 gph of water to the face... my glasses literally flew off... but anyway it dosn't appear the my SG has been changing with the addition of all this water so i've been assuming that this is all normal. any thoughts?

Pasfur 10-08-2009 07:14 AM

This sounds like a rather normal evaporation level. Keep in mind, evaporation cools the water, so in some ways it is a benefit to have quick evaporation levels. Without this, you would struggle to keep the temperature under 80F.

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