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mrdemin 10-04-2009 11:13 AM

Angels and Discuss
Hey everyone, I'm new here and my name is Igor.
I just restarted my 30 gallon tank, but didn't populate it yet. When I had an active tank a while ago I had discus and angelfish living together, but I do not remember the water conditions. I have searched and searched and seem to keep coming across many different answers about their compatability. I know discuss like water in the low 80s, just as do angelfish. What keeps bothering me is the different info I'm getting everywhere about proper pH for both of them. My pH is actually at 7 right now, which seems a little high for both right?
I'd like to get some fish in the tank already, although I am not putting in the discus quiet yet.
Also I'm hoping to add a small community of smaller fish, are there any I should stay away from (not compatible), or any you would recommend? Thanks in advance!! :-)

willieturnip 10-04-2009 11:44 AM

From what I've heard, mixing discus and angels is a big no no. No idea why though. Discus are usually kept in a species only tank, though I have never understood that either.

I'm following this closely. I fail to see why they couldn't be kept with many other species of fish. They do in the wild after all.

Byron 10-04-2009 12:41 PM

A 30g tank is not sufficient space for discus and angels, individually or together. Discus prefer warmer water than most tropicals, 80F or above as you mention. Suitable tankmates [in larger aquaria] would be cardinal tetras, or any of the quieter characins that can tolerate (or prefer) the warmer water. Active fish should be avoided. Once acclimated, discus could manage in neutral pH water, although spawning would probably not occur. The hardness is equally important. And where the discus were raised (most being commercially raised fish) would suggst the safest water parameters. Similar for angelfsh.

What fish tolerate in nature and in an aquarium is frequently not the same. As soon as we put any fish in a closed system we are subjecting it to an environment it would never encounter in nature. This has an impact on the fish's health--not necessarily negative, but an impact none the less. Behaviours and internal biological processes can be affected in many ways. If stress is involved, as it often is, the fish will require more effort to combat disease and parasites which in nature would pose much less of a threat.

Water quality also plays a large role. While the environment may not be ideal, having the water clean and stable frequently allows some latitude, though the side effects may not be readily discernable.

Herky 10-04-2009 02:37 PM

I have angels and discuss living together. Everything byron said is spot on. They will survive, but softer more acidic water would be better.

As far as angels and discus cohabitation being an issue, I have found that they live relatively peacefully together. Where people say you run into problems is as far as diseases are concerned. They say that discus can be susceptible to diseases carried by the angels, even when the angels show no signs, the discus can suffer, being more prone to any diseases. I have had them together for quite some time and have had no issues. My angels and discus come from a local breeder who has been raising both species for over 20 years so they may or may not be more adapted to my local water conditions. I haven't had any disease and I make every effort to keep my fish with the cleanest conditions I can provide. Your mileage may vary.

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