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ahmedusmanjaved 10-04-2009 02:22 AM

New Member here.Want advices.
Hello All.:-)
I m new here and also to fish keeping.
just aquired a aquarium which is 36 long,24 high and 12 inches.I really dont know how many gallons can be fitted in it.
filters and pumps r running since last 48 hours with out fish in it.
I need to know that what types of freh water fish can live together peacefully and how many????
e.g I like bettas,goldfish,mollies ,guppies,sharks and small koi.These r easily available here.

Suggest me and advice me.


Twistersmom 10-04-2009 09:02 AM

Hello and welcome to the forum!

I believe your tank is a 44 or 45 gallon tank.
Are planing to set this tank up for coldwater fish or a heated tank for tropical fish?

Male Bettas can not live together, although females can, but it can be a little tricky. Not all females play nice with others.
A couple goldfish would work, but being a coldwater fish, they can not be housed with the other fish on your list. Koi will outgrow most home tanks, and do better in outdoor ponds.

Mollies and guppies will do fine in a tank that size if it is heated.

Do you know what kind of shark?

ahmedusmanjaved 10-04-2009 12:12 PM

Thank u twistersmom for quick reply.

Sharks commonly found here(pakistan) r bala's,red finned anmd many other whch i dont know the name.I really dont kow the names of fishes i see last night at pet markets.There r thousands of different types.Shop guy told me that these fish r imported from thiland and also there were many turtles living with fish in tanks.
i want to set up freshwater aquarium but there is a heater also installed in it and current temperature of water is 24c.
can i keep gold fish with bettas,mollies,guppies and sharks in this temperature.I love the colours in bettas and guppies.

I spent all my day searching and reading on net about fishes and come to know that red finned sharks bottom dwellers and wondring how do they eat their food pellets from surface??????

Twistersmom 10-04-2009 12:33 PM

That temperature would be to cold for tropical fish. (all the fish on your list are tropical, minus the goldfish)
77-78 deg is the tempt. most suited for tropical community tanks.
Even if the temperature was not a problem, goldfish and bettas are not a good mix. Bettas would nip the fins on the goldfish.
Glad you are reading up on the fish! Best to do you research before buying any fish. You will want to read up on compatibility and fish size. Some fish will grow to large for your tank.

I have not kept the red finned sharks. They may do better with sinking pellets. The red fin shark is known to be aggressive and should not be kept with small or slow moving fish.

redlessi 10-04-2009 02:41 PM

Hi, Welcome to the forum!!!!

willieturnip 10-05-2009 06:27 AM

All I want to point out, is that a small koi won't stay small for long.

ahmedusmanjaved 10-05-2009 10:58 AM

Thanks red lessi:-)

Yeah willieturnip.i saw few koi in pet shop which r huge.if mine grow big than i ll exchange them to smaller ones but i also have a fibre 5sqft pond at my rooftop. Actully it is an old water tank but in very good condition and leak proof.What do u think?

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