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wsmrffjames 10-03-2009 04:28 PM

Fish are dying, PLEASE HELP!!
Ok I started one post 09/27/09 (New Tank high ammonia and ick) well now i have gotten my ammonia down and all the parameters are looking good still have ick in my tank on one of the two sharks that are left but all the other fish have died :cry: i dont know what is killing them they didnt show any signs of having ick so i dont think it could be that and all the parameters are down. The only thing i can think of doing is keep treating the ick for the other shark and hope those two make it if not im just going to do a compete overhaul on the tank empty it all out clean all the substrate, decore and buy new stuff for the filter. ANYONE THAT CAN HELP PLEASE HELP :cry:

I have a 45G tank
.25 Ammonia
0 Nitrate
0 Nitrite
75 Gh
120 Kh
7.2 Ph

Fish that have died since ive gotten the parameters dwn:
1 Tire Track Eel
3 Tiger Barbs
1 Pictus Cat
1 Black Banded Leporinus
None of them showed any signs of having ick they all did seem to act different though they were slowing dwn and seem like they were hanging around the top of the tank more often and not really eatting.

If you can help or need more info let me know Thank you all for viewing

Twistersmom 10-03-2009 04:36 PM

If none of the fish showed signs of disease, it might have just been the exposure of ammonia that did them in.

How long has the tank been setup now? I see that you have no reading for nitrite or nitrate. That leaves me to believe that the tank has not even started to cycle. What water conditioner are you using?

wsmrffjames 10-03-2009 04:45 PM

I set it up early september I think about the 10th I put some stuff that came with the tank when i bought it called Stress Coat

Twistersmom 10-03-2009 05:47 PM

I don't think I would do a tear down, the tank for some reason has not even began to cycle. Keep doing the water changes to keep ammonia levels low for shark. Soon, you should start getting nitrite reading. You will want to keep doing the water changes to keep nitrites under .25 ppm.
Once the tank appears cycled, zero ammonia and nitrites, you will want to start adding fish slowly. No more than one or two fish at a time.
The waiting time, will also give you the chance to observe the shark, to make sure the deaths where not disease related.
You will also want to add the water conditioner with every water change to remove chlorine. Prime is a good one to use on a cycling tank.

MoneyMitch 10-03-2009 09:57 PM

do at least a 20% WC then test if params arent below 25ppm do another 10% repeat as necessary, ick can take like three weeks to become totally iradicated from your tank. stage one of the treatment is the parasites leave the fish and are suspended in the water stage two is boom for the ick, make sure the carbons out of your filter or itll suck up all the meds. could also try the controversal salt dip if your in a panic and as a last resort. how long did the fish deal with the 25ppm ammonia? like she said the loss was prob from prolonged exposure to the ammonia. Money

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