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MoneyMitch 10-01-2009 09:35 PM

Digging Johanni
so i came home tonight to a major MAJOR collapse, i had a piece of driftwood buried deep into my substrate its about 2 inces deep sand, anyways he always diggs around the driftwood and under it as if hes trying to make a cave. it doesnt matter how or where i put the piece of wood he ALWAYS digs under it and tonight i came home to all my rockwork collapsed on the right side of my tank and a hole that i can see the bottom of my tank from with putnik chillin where he just dug, and the sand he moved isnt right next to the hole either its on the total left side. what is going on??? he is really this stubbern or does he not want the wood in there im confused. Money

mollies 10-02-2009 12:04 AM

He likes the wood it just how they do it. They are pron digers. When you barie the rock driftwoo you should put on the glass on the bottom of the tank then put the sand around it and build the rock up from there. If it were me i would get some base rock of some sort biger peices for the bottom and build on top of that. I persinly use lace rock you can see it in my pics under the freshwater pics.

Fishin Pole 10-02-2009 09:32 AM

Its typical mbuna behaviour..............Dont get used to your tank looking a certain way, because they will make it to their liking, everytime!.............My africans (On their last leg, all of them are 7 years plus old), still constantly dig and burrow everywhere............Watch them take a mouthful of gravel and swim to the other side and spit it out, only to see another fish, do the same thing on the other end of the tank..........Your gravel will be where ever they want it..........just make sure your larger rocks are secure, i did lose a fish to a collapse years ago.....Dont know if he did it to himself, or was an untimely accident caused by a tankmate digging..........Not much you can do to stop it from happening..........Its just another behaviour from these beautiful, nasty, aggressive fish........Cant fault them for doing what they are genetically programmed to do.......This is their way, always has been and always will be......

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