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Bottomfeeder 09-30-2009 09:35 PM

Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while, and nothing is really new. I just wanna throw in that i can finally participate in herp discussions :-P

I got 3 Firebelly Newts a month ago, not a huge deal (I went into chat at caudata the day after, all excited, and after learning that i learned about Newts and stuff through fishkeeping they said thats like buying a Tetra :-(;-) )
But either way, I guess you could say I'm branching out :-D

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures, so just imagine a trio of Chinese Firebellies and you got the idea. They are eating pretty well too, and are doing my parents a favor by forcing me to get the Brine Shrimp out of the fridge LOL

What really got me into the idea of Caudate keeping was a 1 week stint at a camp at the Staten Island Zoo, I was mesmerized by the Mudpuppy. I suppose my Newts are far from Mudpups, but hey, I started with Mosquitofish and now I'm at Bichir right ;-)
I'll quit rambling here, and I'll keep you guys posted.
Cya round

aquariangel 10-05-2009 03:50 PM

I adore Newts! And salamanders! And well pretty much any amphibians (reptiles too!)...I'd spend my days in the surrounding woods just looking for them. Mom used to hate it when I'd come home with new cirtters, she wasn't as fond of them as I. Grew up with a (very large) pond in my back yard so needless to say there were plenty of 'pets' for me to take care of. I hope to someday have a vivarium set up, but for now we're concentrating on the fish care and breeding. Simply starting to run out of room! But a girl can dream.....I just don't have "typical girl" dreams LOL. Congrats on the new additions can't wait to see pictures.

Oh, btw Mudpuppies ARE an aquatic salamander....and just too cute (to me anyway).

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