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acalbi923 09-30-2009 08:52 PM

Pictus Catfish; Strange behavior
I have a pictus catfish which I bought about a year ago. I believe him to be fully grown (roughly 5 inches long.) Ever since I got him he has always hid in a small tunnel that I have in my tank that barely accommodates his size, only coming out for food or at night. I always thought this was normal until I came across this article Keeping pictus catfish with pictures which describes them as very active and says "they never stop moving." this is quite the opposite of what my pictus does. My question is what could be causing this behavior and would adding another pictus or 2 help? If i were to add new pictus' they would be small (~2 inches) because that is all that is available locally to me so keep that in mind.

aunt kymmie 09-30-2009 11:19 PM

I've got a pictus and what you're describing is very typical of an adult pictus. Yours has a little more growth to go (mine is 6"). As a juvenile he was *crazy* active but as an adult he hangs in his cave and only comes out to feed. At this point I wouldn't add anymore as they become grumpy and territorial in their "old age". A full grown pictus is going to harass a juvenile, big time. I'd say yours sounds perfectly happy. :-)

acalbi923 10-04-2009 04:54 PM

Alright cool. Thanks for the help.

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