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sweetviolets 09-30-2009 05:11 PM

Are my mollies in love?
I have 2 sailfin black mollies that exhibit loving behavior. Is this common with mollies. It sure is beautiful to watch.

Oldman47 10-04-2009 08:09 PM

It is not at all unusual to see a male molly displaying to the female and all mollies do tend to swim together somewhat although they are not shoaling fish as such.

Herky 10-04-2009 08:32 PM

Mine are the same way. Always together, very definitely they have some kind of bond. My male is sick right now and I didn't have the heart to separate them. I have in the past before, even for short periods they seem down and stressed without each other, so they are spending time in the hospital tank together. It's pretty cool to see really.

sweetviolets 10-04-2009 09:42 PM

They were so beautiful together. Swimming and carressing each other while swimming. (Not actual mating) It was beautiful. I don't know why, but the day after I wrote this the female died. She was dead in the corner hidden by lots of plants. Her mate brought her out to a shallower plant with more room as if to give me an easier time to dispose of her. He does not seem depressed but not the same either. When they were both alive, he would be depressed away from her. He has one of their fry to contend with. The fry is pretty, like a chocolate brown in color but will turn black, I am assuming. There is a white sailfin, but the black is being mean about his mating. They aren't getting along right now. I think the white fish may die anyway as she doesn't look good. She has popeye and some discoloration I am assuming is ich or velvet. I have the tank getting treated as a lost a few. I'm going to buy a female black for him next.

adiumroot 10-05-2009 12:57 AM

My molly male seems henpecked, as the females frequently chase him. XD

My original quartet of 3 females and 1 male have all grown to a large size. However, my younger cousin begged me to give him one of my fish, and he chose the male. So I gave it to him and bought a new male. However, the new one was a bit smaller, so the females like chasing him a lot. They still mate end produce fry once in a while, though.

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