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sharkie chomp 09-30-2009 01:20 AM

fighting or spawning?
I have a 95gal. wave tank that is the home to a lil less than 20 african cichlids (most of them are mixed africans and 3 are peacocks of of which is a male). Now, I've had these fish for almost a year now, and recently added 4 young cichlids and a dragon eel. I have not seen any fighting issues goin on at all, not even with the younger fish. I was feeding them tonight when I noticed one of the original cichlids alone in a cave. when it came out it's face was all tore up and it looked like the lips had been almost chewed off. I also noticed one of the original labs had what looked like the beginnings of what the other fish went through as well as damage to it's top fin. I'm not sure if this is spawning or fighting. i did notice a couple of the fish chasing the 1st fish through the tank a lil bit. I immediately did a water change, added stress coat, and para guard/ quick cure. any ideas?

oh, i did notice my water started to get cloudy the other day and has been clearing up a lil. My ph was a lil low, no ammonia, phosphates reading about 2ppm.

MoneyMitch 10-01-2009 12:06 AM

sounds like fighting to me, the originals in the tank were chasing off the others from their area. the part on the face is self explanatory. try re arranging your tank and see what happens let everyone claim NEW territory. Money

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