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Guppyluver4ever 09-28-2009 02:52 PM

Help QUICK!!
I woke up this morning to a dead bloodfin tetra with little creatures all over it. Theyre like dark brown little dots, that are running around, and there definently alive. Many of my snails are dying too. But my neon tetras seem to have ich?? WHATS GOING ON??

Help me, right now im running to LFS to get any medication that seems to be able to cure this... I think its a mix of some kind of parasite and ich..... :blueworry:

Byron 09-28-2009 03:11 PM

I've never seen the brown whatever, but if it is a parasite (from your description) and ich is certainly a parasite, the best is a general parasitic medication called Aquari-Sol. It is safe for even sensitive fish. I use nothing else.


Guppyluver4ever 09-28-2009 06:36 PM

kk, ill use that next time, i was so scared that i ran to LFS, got saltwater, and some general parisitic medication. I already dipped all the fish in the saltwater and then treated the tank.

Romad 09-29-2009 06:21 AM

Sounds like a small scale horror flick. I would have done the same thing (freak out - run to store).


Good luck getting rid of the little buggers.

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