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shane3fan 09-28-2009 02:08 PM

stocking questions
I think I finally have my stocking plan down to be able to straighten out some of my previous mistakes. It wont be 'perfect' but I think it should work. Just looking for some other opinions so I dont have to bug Byron more than I have already-lol.

2.5 gallon mini tank with a Red Sea nano filter ( with filter floss restricing the pick up tube to slow the flow ) and a 25w heater with thermostat set at 78*, two artificial plants, betta hammock, and watersprite floating. 1 Male Betta.

10 gallon with Stealth heater and Aqueon filter. Watersprite floating, 2 mystery snails, 1 male Paradise Fish, and 5 or 6 Corys. It has two 'shipwreck' ornaments and two fake plants. I plan to put some more live plants in it soon-50% off on Thursday at LFS for live plants and fish.

29 gallon with Stealth heater and Penguin 150 with bio wheel. Watersprite floating and planted, lots of artificial plants, a shelf, a bubble wall, a cracked bell ornament, a cracked vase ornament, an artificial hollow log corner ornament, and two medium sized rock ornaments,1 Rainbow Shark, 8 Neon Tetras, and??

I know the Paradise Fish needs more than 10 gallons and the Shark needs more than 29 gallons--but they seem VERY happy and I enjoy both of them. If I had known better I wouldnt have purchased them-but too late for that.

Any thoughts for adding to the 29 gallon? Obviously I will leave the Betta by himself in the 2.5 and I think the 10 will be fully stocked with the Paradise and the Corys-so the 29 is the only question mark. I think I may get some more Corys for it in a couple of weeks. I love the way the Clown Loaches look-but I think they would have a harder time getting along in a 29g with the Shark. The shark doesnt bother the Corys AT ALL.

I currently have the shark in the 10 gallon with 2 Corys and the paradise in the 29 gallon with 8 Neons. I originally had the paradise in the 2.5 gallon but I had trouble keeping the ammonia levels down to a safe level and it was just too small for him-so as soon as the 29 gallon tank cycled I put him in there. I will be swapping the shark and the paradise fish later this week and then I will add some more Corys in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for any input.I think my game plan will lead to some decent results--at least I hope so.

Byron 09-28-2009 04:18 PM

Erase the clown loach completely from your mind!:shock: They attain 12 inches if allowed to "grow" in good health with enough space, and must be in groups (a very social fish, like most but not all loaches). Fish stores have these youngsters swimming around smallish tanks, everyone thinks they look cool (which they do) but don't realize they need at least a 4-foot if not a 5-foot tank to be really healthy. And they are prone to parasitic problems if stressed out.

I'll leave it to others to suggest fish, something I don't particularly like doing because it is your tank and what I like you might not. I do step in when I see a disaster looming...


shane3fan 10-01-2009 08:55 AM

lol--Byron, dont worry, Ive learned the hard way to do my research before buying fish. I have seen pictures of full grown Clown Loaches and know that I cant have them in my tank--doesnt stop me from liking them though.

I guess I will stick to just adding Corys to the tank.

I swapped the shark and the Paradise fish last night. I will be going to the LFS tonight to purchase some more live plants ( undecided at this point on what kind--depends on what they have in stock I suppose ) and some Corys if they have some healthy ones that I like.

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