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Fiji 02-01-2007 09:42 PM

Aggressive Bristlenose
OK new member here, i got a 3 foot x 2 x 2 tank i think about 140 lts.
I have 5 x 10 cm long goldfish taking residence, They are doing fine but recently i have added to the tank about ten small bristlenose catfish (3-4cm.. and one large one (BIG FELLA)

Whats happpening is the Large Bristlenose (no small ones will try this) does his bottom feeding thing then slowly move next to my goldfish to suck onto, The goldfish are quick enough to deter the bristlnose but he;'ll just start moving towards one of the others. Hes not chasing them just slowly hassling...

Factors that may be contributing are the number of bristlenose in the tank and limited hiding holes ( i have only one log for all of em...) Maybe i need more food that they can munch on during the day while i'm working.

Anyway what do you all think .. CHeers...


fish_4_all 02-01-2007 11:13 PM

Well goldfish and pleco won't go together too long but that is another issue.

Ok, I would say there are a couple things goping. The first is the slime coat of a fish is a substitute for plecos when they don't get fresh vegetable matter. Don't ask me where I found it, I have not been able to find the link. They need to have fresh zucchini, cucumber, asparagus, sweet potatoes, canned no salt green beans or some other vegetable that has some kind of skin and flesh.

As for hiding places, get them alot more of them and soon. They will start to fight with each other for hiding places and they will hurt, damage or even kill each other in foghts over the lone cave and most likely the largest will win. Even the females will fight like this as I have seen first hand.

90 gallon, 10 BN pleco, not bad but make sure your filtration to handle the bioload. As for the goldfish, for the health of the BN, IMHO, you need to get them out. They prefer colder water than BN and produce way too much waste to be in there with that many BN. You may be able to make it work but I would not recommend it.

Drop half of a small zucchini in the tank with a plant anchor stuck through it to make it sink and see how much they eat in a work day. If they are eating it all then they need more. Make sure to have some good algae tablets, shrimp pellets, bloodworms and a variety of algae/spirulina based wafers or pellets and 1-2 times give them some protein in the form of bloodworms, shrimp pellets or other meaty based food. Small amount of protein and large amonts of veggies/algae will keep them happy and lots of hiding places.

Fiji 02-02-2007 02:02 AM

k that sounds good. i see the problem with mixing th 2 fish due to temperature and the waste from th gfish. i may get a seperate tank for the plecos??? as u call em.

foodwise ur right.. their diet isn't anything like what you've mentioned, gotta work on that... i think i have ok filtration - large canister filter in cabinet & use the gravel siphon for partials weekly...
sorting the hiding holes won't be a problem... they seem to like it out in the open though i get 5 or 6 munching away on this 20 year old antler i think they're about to eat right through it...

its only an early set up i can change a lot if nevessary.

fish_4_all 02-02-2007 01:33 PM

Sounds good to me. Their aggression and territoial attitudes won't develope for a little while.

As for a new tank, the tank size is a good one for that many so I wouldn't go too much smaller if you do go smaller.

They will eat a lot if given the chance but a good variety on a regular basis will serve better than trying to feed them as much as they can eat.

Keep up the good work and keep asking questions. Is the only way I learned and there are many different ways to do things so advice here can give you a range of things to try until you find what works for you.

Fiji 02-02-2007 03:23 PM

thanks bud i got this weekend to have a good go at tmking some changes, been good advice,, cheers

Nick 02-04-2007 02:01 PM

Okay. First off. Your tank is only about 37 gallons...for 10 bristlenose..i dont think so! I would only have about 2 of them. And the bigger guy. Are you POSITIVE that it is a bristlenose. It may be a chinese algea eater. 'And those guys are the one's that will try to suck to the side of your fishes and eat there mucus membrane which can kill the fish. I would recommend taking about half of the b-n's back but if you cant get some good filtration do water changes about every 2-3 days including gravel vacs.


fish_4_all 02-04-2007 03:31 PM

Ok, we need to know what the size of the tank is. Is the tank 170 liters or is it 36x24x24? If it is 170 liters it is too small for 10 BN. If it is 36x24x24 then it is close to 90 gallons and I don't see a problem with 10 of them in there even at adult size if they have planty of places to hide and plenty of caves.

There agin it depends on the other occupants as to how many BN will fit in the tank.

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