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MsSneakieZ 09-25-2009 11:00 PM

Dwarf puffers or guppies in a new 10 gallon?
I have my very own 10 gallon aquarium to do with what I wish, normally I just watch after the family fish in our 20 gallon but now I get to decide on fish myself.

Problem is, I can't decide. I'm stuck between either a couple dwarf puffers or guppies.
I want dwarf puffers because they seem like really interesting and intelligent fish that would be fun to take care of (and I realize they need more attention in the feeding department than most, I've done a lot of reading on them).

Or guppies because I like to breed them and see offspring from generation to generation. But the problem with them is they breed A LOT so my tank would fill up fast and I'd probably be taking fry to LFS often.

Other suggestions or ideas?

I would much appreciate to hear any thoughts.


Catlady 09-26-2009 03:55 AM

I have been consider getting a small tank for my office in addition to my large tank and the living room. I have the same problem as you guppies or puffers?

My thoughts on it are that puffer- while being super cool looking, cute, fun to take for they are also so aggressive.

I feel like having a tank with only one or two fish in it is a waste, and I feel like I would get bored with only 1 or 2 fish to watch - BUT THAT IS JUST ME!

If you had the guppy tank, if you got bored, or saw something else that you liked in a store, or decided to add other types of fish it would not be a big problem since guppies are more compatible with other fish.

If you fill up your tank with fry you can always sell them, or give them away to friends, or maybe if your LFS would let you trade them for credit

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