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Calmwaters 09-24-2009 01:01 PM

My New Female Betta...
I feel in love with her at Petsmart. LOL I actually left the store went back to work and then left work again and went back and got her and her 5 gallon tank. Good thing I am my own boss. LOL
First is her tank, I took the filter out of my 10 gallon and but it in this one for the bacteria and am also checking water and will do water changes as needed. I am thinking about going with a dark back ground to make her color stand out more. What do you guys think.
And here she is I am looking for name suggestions:

aunt kymmie 09-24-2009 01:12 PM

Ahhh, she's pretty! I'm a big fan of black backgrounds and I think it would make her color *pop*.
PS. Is this the tank you're considering the pygmys for? If so, the gravel looks a little too large for pygmys to be comfortable on. Just a consideration to think about...

Calmwaters 09-24-2009 01:24 PM

Yes this is the one I am think about for the pygmys. I had not thought about the gravel being ruff on the pygmys. I think I will just try the shrimp. If she eats them than at least it will be a nice meal for her and if she doesn't then I will have shrimp. LOL;-)

aunt kymmie 09-24-2009 01:34 PM

Smart thinking ;-)

Calmwaters 09-24-2009 01:56 PM

LOL I colored 2 pieces of copier paper with a black marker and put them on the back to see if I would like it and I must say it really does bring her color out. I was going to go get a back ground and a heater today but I let my mom borrow my car so it will be tomorrow. It stays about 78 in here so she will be fine until then. Here is a picture with the back ground I made. I think it will look even better with a real back ground.

aunt kymmie 09-24-2009 02:09 PM

WOw. To say that background makes her colors pop is an understatement. Beautiful fish. :-)

Calmwaters 09-24-2009 02:11 PM

Thank you again. How long do you think I should wait to add the shrimp? Should I quarintine them also? And how many do you think would be ok to add?

Ramenuzumaki 09-24-2009 02:23 PM

woah she is a very pretty female!
all the females around here are all ugly and bland D:
i would love to find a nice white male or female
that would so pretty!

the shrimp was a good idea actually ^^
as for qting them i dunno i never did the whole quarantine thing

i wanna get some more ghost shrimp
they are only 39cents here [anyone know how to make a cent symbol with alt code?]
i want to get a few for each tank
i found they did well for cleaning when i had them

but they disappeared for some reason D:
maybe they died or something *shrug*

anyway nbeautiful fish!
good start on the tank
cant wait to see more piccies!

*hugs* Ramen

aunt kymmie 09-24-2009 02:29 PM

Unless you already have inverts in the tank you intend to introduce the new shrimp to (and you don't) it's not *essential* to quarantine them. Shrimp-fish disease transmission is pretty rare so I wouldn't be concerned.

Calmwaters 09-24-2009 02:36 PM

Thanks you guys. How many shrimp do you think I could add? Shrimp like driftwood don't they? If she does not eat them maybe I could get a small piece for them.

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