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Aqua Jon 11-01-2013 03:42 PM

Angel hating on new GBRs
So I picked up 4 German Blue Rams from my local petsmart. Took them home immediately and gave the back about an hour drip before transfer. I was actually surprised how good they looked in the store. They lost a ton of color from the trip. They regained a lot of color within half an hour. A few hours later I noticed them breathing rapidly and then saw fungus on the body and fins. Then they started dying. I noticed that one angel was nipping at their fins :evil:

Now I only have afew fish in my fifty. Three angels, one SAE, oneCAE, and six z. Danio and some shrimp (cherry and amano). I plan to move out the danio in favor of a more colorful school of rasbora or tetra. But if love to have a pair or two of GBRs. I love the fish, but not sure if this lone angel will be a harasser. The angel gets along with the others and even feeds at the surface with the danios. So this behavior is new. Is it due to the GBRs showing disease? The angels are not more than an inch or so, so they re young. The GBRs (when alive) did not nip back but just swam away and seemed unbothered at the back of the tank.

As of this morning one GBR is alive but I doubt much longer. I have not checked water quality as an issue yet since fungus is usually a result of damage and my other sensitive inhabitants (angels and shrimp) are not showing any illness. I'd imagine that this damage and illness came from the time at petsmart but was unobservable. I don't know what to do now. Do I have to pick ever angels or GBR? Or try again?

Barry gibb 11-01-2013 03:52 PM

I would put it down to your petsmart rather than your angel, they live in seprate areas of tge tank, the angels favour mid to surface area where your gbr prefer bottom collium of your tank, my advice would be to try a fish shop rather thsn yhe bigger retailers, in the uk you find the better quilty fish in small shops. Once you have quilty stock make sures theres plenty caves snd plant cover so the can go around there life peacefully. Am guessing your angel seen a easy meal with lease dieing fish, the extra stress of moveing from the shop to your house was just to much for these sick rams

Marbellohsdad 11-02-2013 01:30 AM

Add that germen blue rams are not an easy fish to keep. period! :roll: Try bolivain rams instead they can handle tap water, breed very easily. and are great rams

Blue rams are juiced with hormones and sickly most of the time they require near black water condictions ph below 6. and really warm temps over 84 to do well. Even so they do not live long, maybe a year or two.:-( At these extereme condictions Ammonia and nitrates are VERY dangerous and you need RO water and all that jazz.

jaysee 11-02-2013 09:03 AM

Ammonia is not dangerous at all once the pH drops below 6.

Barry gibb 11-02-2013 03:35 PM

Av got to disagree here, my rams are perfect and every ram av had settled with have done me great, like a say once you get a decent health group they live for a good couple years, my tank is crystsil clear tropical comunity tank with a ph of 6.6 no RO water needed in scotland right enough, no near black water and my temp are only 80 max prob more 78 most of the time. My angels dont bother the rams and my rams dont bother my angels.

Just my experience with german blue rams non wild fish

Aqua Jon 11-02-2013 08:45 PM

Hmmm I agree. I don't think thy were healthy to start. I'm going to try again next week with a new pair. All water in my place is RO and last time I had checked pH was stable at 6.8 for weeks. GH and KH are average 10 and 7 respectively. My angels came sick as well but ICH was an easy cure with raising the temp to 83.5 which is still the current temp.
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