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badxgillen 11-01-2013 12:56 AM

40 Stack Re Build
So I don't usually share much of what I do as I am not one who takes ridicule well but I have decided to post up a small build thread,or should I call it a Re Build. I have a stack of aquariums I am needing to move up stairs. Basically I am taking down a number of my aquariums and setting them back up more efficiently>This stack had a 40 breeder anemone tank,a 40 breeder planted medium tetra angel tank, and a nice shallow frag tank on top.First things first and I have to build a stand in my room and bolt it too the wall.

Stay Tuned and I will get you some pictures.

badxgillen 11-02-2013 01:31 AM

So first off I had to get all the lumber from out back of my house upstairs where I am making the stand,it will be too big once finished to lug up my L stair well. My oldest son is my on call guy helper and my camera man,while my youngest is some how always in the midst of the construction.
My son catching all the action as usual,some times he fails to tell me I am on camera.

badxgillen 11-02-2013 01:34 AM

The tools of the trade are simple for this model.
Just going to use 2 by 4s and 2 inch screws after making pilot holes and boring out the entrances for the screw heads to fit in snug.
Don't worry the holes in the bed are not from the inappropriate use of power tools but from doing backflips on the mattress :roll:

badxgillen 11-02-2013 01:39 AM

First I have to make three frames for the inside of the stand. These I just clamp into place,drill a pilot hole, and drive the screw home!
Here you can see I am attaching the inner frames to the outer supports.Don't mind the mess in the background, we all know how it is to excavate a bedroom for renovations or moving so dont give me too much guff. I had to move much of my bedroom into the closet temporarily and the extra tools and wood don't help with the mess.

dramaqueen 11-02-2013 02:10 AM

Sounds like quite a project. Good luck with t.

Chesh 11-02-2013 07:33 AM

I see TANKS!!! And a Gilly! And a SUUUUPER cute MINION!!! ^__^
. . . Three cheers for tank builds! Thank you for posting this - can't wait for the next update!

badxgillen 11-03-2013 01:27 AM

So I have the stand finished and up against the wall,I will have to re route all the cords when I am done with this wood work.
As I stated before I build my stands to stack,so this tank needs to be anchored to the wall. I found the studs in the wall and added a 2 by 4 to the back of the stand to act as support.
I added some boards up top to assist with storage like fish food and utensils.

badxgillen 11-03-2013 01:29 AM

Can't forget to drill the holes for the plumbing. I am still contemplating making the whole stack salt but I don't want to re home my angel tetra tank.Looks like I need to make more room.

Chesh 11-03-2013 01:19 PM

Looks like things are moving along quickly over there - this is a fantastic step-by-step guide. Great work!
. . . I can't help but ogling ALL THOSE TANKS in the backrounds of these shots - it's driving me crazy - I NEED to see more!!! >.<

badxgillen 11-03-2013 05:36 PM

You should have seen this wall before! This is my bedroom and it previously had 13 water holding aquariums and 4 terrariums. I have taken almost everything down,even moved my head board tank, and am redesigning things to be more efficient. You will be disappointed to hear that I am taking most of the fresh water out and trying to turn it to mostly salt.

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