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FishyFishy89 10-31-2013 10:38 PM

Still Occasionally Gasping?
Okay, originally people tied it to my CO2 generator and advised to used some bubblers at night. It did not seem to get any better. Now, I haven't had my CO2 generator plugged in for 2 weeks now. And there still hasn't been any change. They don't have any labored gill movement. And their behavior and appetite is otherwise very normal. So I've compiled a video, maybe see if you can spot something that I can't? The gasping isn't done at the beginning of the video, but that IS something my angels are doing and I find it a little odd....not sure what to make of it. Oh and the yellow marble appears to have red marks that look like ammonia burns. I don't think they're ammonia burns, he's had them since I had taken him in and they haven't gone away at all.

What you see in the video is what they do all. day. long. Swim, chase, play, poke at things, graze on floater roots and the random odd gasping and what you see at the beginning of the video. I just cannot pin point WHY they are gasping......and that odd thingy they're doing at the beginning of the video o.O I've run tests on my tank. Nitrates are never above 5ppm, Nitrites are always 0ppm, Ammonia is always 0ppm, pH is 7.8

FishyFishy89 11-01-2013 12:27 PM

anyone have any idea?

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