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teddyzaper 10-31-2013 11:52 AM

I'm back! And i need help getting my freshwater back on track.
Hey guys,
I moved last year, and bought a tank. The tank is a fluval edge 7g and it is decently planted with 2 fish but it isnt very well taken care of. I kind of let it go because ive been really busy, so only have been doing water changes every other week. I want to get this tank back on track, but one thing ive noticed is that most plants i put in the tank arent surviving to well. The moss balls, anubias and some other unknown plant are growing, but anything else i put in dies. Also fish have been dieing slowly, but i want to solve that. Anyways, im planning on doing a large tank remodel and wanted some input if i should put in some more powerful lights, change to Co2, or put in a substrate system. I want to be able to have a jungle in the tank, with plants everywhere mixed with wood. The tank will probably only have shrimp, maybe a couple ottos, but nothing larger. I can post up pictures later, but i was just looking for some input on this stuff. Thanks!

pennyls9332 10-31-2013 11:19 PM

this is very similar to what im doing with my 20. good lights will make a difference with plants ofcourse. you can try adding plant food to the tank and hopefully that will help, cO2 would be a good option as well. as far are substrate goes there are several different types of eco or flourish type substrates that come wet and are made for plant growth. it is ultimately up to you which one you choose to do

Boredomb 11-01-2013 07:57 AM

penny is right here there are several ways you can go with many things. Co2 will help plant but you also need to upgrade your lights and add fertilizer (if you don't already?) in order to keep things balanced with the addition of Co2.

There are plant substrate but I personally don't like them as they are over priced and I can get the same results out of sand and root tabs. Though the only on I ever had was Eco Complete so I guess I cant really speak for the others. I am not saying dont try them if you want too just point out there are cheaper ways of doing it if money is a concern.

I have never had a fluval edge but isn't the light fixed in the middle of the tank?? Just wondering how you upgrade a light like that if it is the case? The light you do have what is it? Also are you adding any fertilizers at all??

jaysee 11-01-2013 08:41 AM

I'm no help with plants or lights.

If your tank is filtered, then doing a water change every other week is by no means "letting it go".

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