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zaitmi 09-23-2009 05:59 AM

Stinking Water New Tank
I am from India, kolkata, the temperature here is 31 Degree celcius, i have new 29 gallon tank filled with saltwater from last 2 weeks, i have added last week some live rocks from my petshop which he said were cured, after smelling i found very light smell almost nothing, but after adding them in my tank, i have found that my water is stinking whenever i put my hand in the water, my hand stinks badly, but the water is ok when u smell it by putting the nose above the tank. Yesterday my nitrate is 10mg/l, my ammonia test is also 0 , and ph is around 6.5 to 7. No fish is added yet, i have 1 internal filter and 1 powerhead. I have the lights but i am switching them on for 3-4 hrs. every evening. I have changed 20% water today and the bad smell has gone down a bit. . My salinity is 1.022 (earlier it was 1.028 in 32 degree celcius temperature and I am using bottled mineral water and my home Kent RO water purifier.

Plz help what is wrong why my water is stinking. Is my live rock dead. Should i replace more water.

Imtiaz Khan

mollies 09-23-2009 12:58 PM

Do you have a heater YOU should keep your tank at 74 to 80 Degrees celcius. You might have froz every thing in the tank. 32 degrees is freezing leavels. What kind of fillter do you have? What kind of substrate are you useing sand or crushed coral? Tell us more bout the tank.

Pasfur 09-23-2009 04:32 PM

You live rock is not dead, but you are having some die off from the transition to a new tank. This is not uncommon. Continue with a series of water changes until the smell goes away.

I agree with mollies, we need some more information about your setup to really provide help.

zaitmi 09-24-2009 03:50 AM

New Test Results.
You live rock is not dead, but you are having some die off from the transition to a new tank. This is not uncommon. Continue with a series of water changes until the smell goes away.

I agree with mollies, we need some more information about your setup to really provide help.[/quote]

Thanks for the reply.

Temperture here in India is done in Celcius not in farheniet. Its 32 degree Celcius. India is hot & humid so i am using a Fan from today on the cover. (Cant afford a Chiller).

Test Reults
23rd Sep09

ammonia - 0.
Nitrite - no kit.
*Nitrate - 40mg/l (yesterday 10mg/l)
ph - 7.8
salinity -1.022
Temp : 30 deg. celcius.

Is *partial water change required immediately. Should i change water daily or on alternate days.
Plz reply at the earliest.

Thanks in Advance.

Set up information :Its an Internal Filter(Brand : Resun)(like a rectangle box) I am using LIVE SAND, 1 small Bacteria Pack was provided in the tank 10 days back with the internal filter on. My pet shop owner told me its sufficient for a 29 gallon tank. Everything is running the powerhead the filter from last 2 weeks. What else info. do you need. Plz tell me. How can i show u a pic. of my tank to you guys.

Plz Help.

Arkamaic 09-24-2009 11:33 AM

I would say water changes about once a week. And yeah, 31 C is about 89 F, Your Ph will need to be increased to about 8.3. Salinity may be low, my tanks are about 1.024, not sure how much a difference that makes so ask more on that.

Pasfur 09-24-2009 02:22 PM

There is a lot to discuss on this. First, I would suggest that you find a conversion table and post your parameters in the units of measure most commonly discussed. This will help you avoid confusion and allow you to better understand other threads and magazines that you might read. Generally speaking, you should post ammonia, nitrite, and nitrates, and calcium as "ppm" or "parts per million". In the near future, when you begin testing for alkalinity, you should post in DKH.

As for filtration on a saltwater tank, I suggest you take some time to look at the "Pictures and Videos" section of this website. You will find many examples of successful marine aquariums. As you do, you will see that nearly all of these have one thing in common. They rely on live rock, live sand, and a protein skimmer as the method of filtration. Regardless of tank size, this method will allow you the greatest opportunity to succeed, and is BY FAR the least time consuming. Water changes will be minimal, as little as 3 to 5 gallons per MONTH.

The reason you should not be using any other form of filtration is simple. Hang on power filters, biological filters, internal mechanical and chemical filters, these all do things to the water which cause an increase in nitrates and phosphates. In a marine aquarium we are trying to eliminate nitrates and phosphates, so using a filter which INTENTIONALLY inputs these elements into the aquarium just doesn't make any sense. A protein skimmer will directly REMOVE the waste, without negative side effets.

Additionally, the long term stability of your system will depend greatly on your ability to manage the relationship between calcium, alkalinity, and pH. These levels are much easier to maintain when the organic acids (waste) are directly removed by the protein skimmer. When these acids are broken down, as occurs with other filtration methods, carbonates are removed from the buffer system, causing fluctuating calcium and alkalinity.

I strongly suggest that you replace your internal filter with an appropriate protein skimmer. We can discuss options for you if you like.

mollies 09-24-2009 02:26 PM

sory got them mixed up cel and ferin. Sorry you might want to leave your lights off for a day and open the hood so that some heat can excape. 89 is a little hot which will make the tank smell funny,. My tank is 1.022 as yours is. I would let your tank cool down a bit.

studman50 09-24-2009 03:07 PM

with temperatures like that, if your home doesn't have a/c you might have to invest in a chiller instead of a heater.

zaitmi 09-25-2009 06:04 AM

Arkamaic reply : I am using Red Sea Saltmix {mod edit: language removal} (I wanted Coral Pro but due to ignorance and no knowledge i bought this). Is thr a chance to convert from saltwater mix to coralpro salt with the same rock and sand later on. The pack says Salinity should be 1.019 for 30 deg celcius temperature. I didn't mix it in a seperate container. I thought it was not required. Just dropped it slowly from the top of my tank with the powerhead on. From now onwards i will do it in a seperate container. Tonight i will add more saltmix after mixing it in a seperate container to increase the PH.

Pasfur reply : Hey Bro, i found in the internet that mg/l and ppm are almost same (if tested in liquids). I also used a conversion calculator and found the results same. Protien Skimmers are very expensive here, they are charging me $60 at the least. Its pretty expensive. But sure Bro I might buy it a bit later on.

24/09/09 (DD/MM/YY)
Results :
Ammonia = 0 (ppm or mg/l)
Nitrite = No kit.
Nitrate = 15 (ppm or mg/l) yesterday 40
ph = 7.5
salinity = 1.022
temp = 29 deg. celcius.

Should i check them daily or weekly.

mollies reply : A 4" Fan has been installed on the hood(cover) to run 6 hrs. in the afternoon.

studman50 reply : i have A.C. in my room but we switch it for 2 hrs every night and then we switch on the fan sothe room remins cool whole night. In the afternoon 4" fan runs for 6 hrs.

Chk. my pic. in aquariums (beside user).

Thanks a lot to all of you for such a nice response. Awaiting for your replies.

mollies 09-25-2009 02:11 PM

has your tank cooled down any?

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