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Kleodora 09-23-2009 12:39 AM

New 30 gallon tank!
Hi everybody, Im starting a new 30 gallon tank and would like some feedback on my plans. Im no expert or anything so its nice to hear what others think. So Im going with a well planted tank, low to moderate lighting, no CO2....just an easy planted setup.
And for the fish here is what Im thinking:
1 hi fin lyretail swordtail
3 gertrude's blue eye rainbowfish
5 endlers livebearers
5 white cloud minnows
3 cory cats
1 zebra otto cat
1 trapdoor snail
Does that sound like a good mix?....Does it seem overstocked? I had considered an african dwarf frog, but not sure if its a good idea.
Thanks for any input!

1077 09-23-2009 02:14 AM

I believe the swordtail and livebearers would prefer hard water that perhaps the rainbows would not appreciate. Something in the pH range of 7.4 to 8.0. Swordtails as well as platy's do best in cooler water than mollys and or guppies. not sure about endlers. I believe the rainbows need pH values closer to 7.0 or lower to thrive. I have kept the white clouds in both low temperatures and temps of 82 degrees and they seemed to do well in both.
The otocinclus in my view ,should be added last to the aquarium and do best in groups of at least five in my opinion. They usually don't survive in new tanks due to starvation. They are first and foremost alage eaters, and in new tanks,there simply isn't enough alage to sustain them.
However, many do well when placed in well established tanks with considerable algae. Even then, a group of oto's can clean a 25 gal tank of algae in a matter of days to a couple weeks. It is for that reason that I recommend adding them last. Some report success with feeding these little fish algae wafers and vegetable matter. And others,will not accept these foods.
Those I have spoken with about african dwarf frogs sometimes say that the frog is difficult to maintain due to poor eyesite. They don't see well enough to find food. I have not kept them, but perhaps others can offer their expieriences in that regard.
Were it me,(and it ain't) I would get the planted tank established and give it some time to establish itself. I would also have my water tested to see what the pH.and alkalinity is. In this way ,I could better determine whar species of fish to keep. Always easier to keep fish that will do well with the water most easily available (usually tap water) to you, than it is to try and adjust water to suit the fish or to try and get fish to adapt to water perhaps not suited for their longterm health.

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