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tsweers89 09-22-2009 07:48 AM

Few Questions Please Help a Fellow Newb
First off want to thank all the people on here as i was reading over this site for hours the past few days and it has answered many of my questions and learned quite a few things.

So i use to have a 55gal tank, community fish when i was in highschool. well the fish died beacuse of ich, didnt know why at the time but i know thats what it was now. So i want to get back into it and have a few questions, i will be getting another 55gal tank just for refrence. As far as fish i eith am going to go with discus or community fish. On to the questions.

1. I have the penguin 330 from whe i had the tank a few years back, will this be good enough filtration or do i need something bigger?

2. As far as when i clean the filter, in the past when i was all full of green and such i would removed then entire filter, tanke it apart and clean eveything with a tooth brush under running water. Is this what i should be doing?

3. When i had the filter i would replace the cartriges every month and such but now i see some dont and modify the cartiges so they dont have to replace them so often, any links to that on how to? what are the benefits to this besides the money saved?

4. I found this link on how to modify the penguin 330 which turn it into a mini-sized, wet/dry trickle filter, any thoughts on this?

5. I plan on going with live plants in the tank, as far as lighting goes do i need T5 lighting or can i get away with something i can use the light fixtures i have now?

6. I see talk about water movement and how important it is. I had a airstone last time. is this enough or do i need an actual aur pump and nozzle in the tank?

7. I see all these things about protein skimmers and co2 injection. Am i going to need any of this? and if so could you point me in the right direction

Those are all the questions i can think of now. im sure i will think of some more later. thnaks for you time and input.

MoneyMitch 09-22-2009 08:32 AM

hello and welcome, as far as filtration goes you wanna filter your entire tank like 3-5x a hr is usually a rule of thumb for me. as far as you cleaning this is fine as long as it isnt a monthly thing. about the cartridge replacement i wouldnt do that every month because of the bac, instead i would buy cartridges or media that doesnt have carbon inside it and instead use a media bag for your carbon. lighting is a very VERY complex subject i will give you basic crash course for it though, you want something that has a 5500k to 6700k spectrum range, you want very high blues and reds for the plants to photosynthesize properly. You also want atleast 2-3 watts per gallon i would stay away from cfl lighting cause thats crazy to balance with nuts and ferts. t5 isnt soo bad just get a double fixture. as far as the peng mod looks cool and i guess its just up to you. about water movement just get a powerthead and place it on the opposite side of your tank of your filter. with the plants theyll do plenty of aeration for ya. a skimmer? why? co2 is only if you have insnae cfl lighting or something like that. Money

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