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molliefan09 09-20-2009 09:04 PM

new tank owner
We just set up a new fish tank (our first)...i don't know why we've never had one before!! As much as i enjoy our new tank i also want to make sure we care for it properly, i dont want to over populate it and i want to make sure we have inhabitants they can co-exsit well.

tank specs:
20 gal freshwater
gravel bottom
3 artificial plants
1 cave
1 smaller hiding space
1 other small fake coral decoration
whisper filter good for upto 50 gal
temp 78-80 degrees

2 mollies 1 dalmation 1 common black (so i'm told) both supposidly male
1 plecostomus
1 dragonfish
4 ghost shrimp

we also would liketo get an african dwarf frog. is my set up so far ok??

Twistersmom 09-20-2009 09:57 PM

Congrats on the new tank!

I do see two problems with the current fish stocking. One being the pleco, it will eventually out grow the tank, but will be fine for a while, if it is small.
The other being the dragon fish. I am assuming it the same fish, that is also called dragon goby and violet goby. The dragon grows to large for a 20 gal and also does much better in brackish water. Keeping them in freshwater makes them disease prone and can shorten their life. You may also see its skin become slime coated kept in freshwater.

Do you have a water testing kit? If not, the API liquid freshwater testing kit is a good one to have. All new tanks go through a cycle. While the tank is cycling, you need to test water daily and preform water changes as needed to keep ammonia and nitrites at safe levels.

I did not go into much detail. Not sure how much you already know. Any more questions, ask away.

Ramenuzumaki 09-22-2009 02:46 AM

doesnt look like you have a lot of fishies
but i do agree with Mum!
the pleco can grow big big D:
mine is only 1" or so right now so hes fine
how big is yours?

i would also maybe get a little heater to keep the water a right temp for your fishies :)
its hard to keep a good temp with biggie tanks

my 20 gal has a hard time keeping temps up without a heater [no job yet so i cant buy one]

molliefan09 09-22-2009 10:08 PM

Thanks for all your in-put. to answer both of you guys at the same time: no i do not have a water testing kit, i know i really need to get one because i know it is important to make sure the water is chemically ok for my fish. My Pleco is about 3 inches currently, i know they can grow to be rather large and i do plan on up grading to a 50-55 gal tank at some point, not sure when. I've talked to several people about bracish vs. freshwater and everyone says the samething:it's not needed they are more upkeep and my mollies and dragon fish will do fine. I'm pretty foreign to owning a fish tank. as a child i had a goldfish in a gold fish bowl and thats about it. i do have a very good friend of mine who is reallyinto fish tanks and does that at second income. I dont know if i mentioned in the last post that i also want to get an african dwarf frog....

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